Is It Good Time for Buying a Boat in Turkey

Is it the good time to buying a boat in Turkey during the pandemic due to Covid-19? What impact could the pandemic have on yacht investment?

You can find the answers to your questions above in the article below.

After the start of the pandemic due to Covid 19, concerns for yacht charter tourism also started. While many vacationers canceled their tours in the first panic environment, some preferred to postpone them. But, with the month of July, the increase in last minute bookings started again.
Turkey was the location of the popular resort for local and foreign tourists in the summer 2020. The meaning of Turkey destination for yacht holidaymakers; visit more virgin bays, more islands, visit more ports, more luxury yachts and more affordable yacht prices.

buying a boat in Turkey
buying a boat in Turkey

Therefore, yacht charter tourism in Turkey being more attractive than other countries.

The shipyards in Turkey are popular worldwide about build wooden boats and steel yachts. The special masters trained in the traditional wooden boat building Turkey, build the best yachts in the world in this field. While each shipyard has its own construction design, this difference stands out in terms of comfort and quality in boats.

Due to the sea and climate conditions, luxury yacht charter tours can be made between April and November. This long time being great advantages for boats. The biggest reason is; 4 Seasons holiday in Turkey is possible!
The most of yachts have different charter prices according months. This is make big difference for reservations to the boats. That makes customer potential for this long charter period.

Vista Mare Gulet
Vista Mare Gulet

Why investors prefer to buying a boat in Turkey ?

The reason most investors prefer to buying a boat in Turkey; Spending the summer vacation with family and friends on his/her own boat and renting the remaining weeks to earn the expenses of the boat or make a profit.
The depreciation period of boat investment is shorter than real estate investment. The depreciation period of a boat can be 5 years with good marketing and promotion, depending on the comfort and quality of the boat.

Turkish boats for sale for every budget

In Southern Turkey, usually passes traditional wood construction and management from father to son. Therefore, there are usually 2 boats in each family who doing this business. With the construction of new boats, the markets for sale also become active. We believe that more than 1000 wooden charter boats in Turkey. In this case showing how great yacht sector of Turkey. We would like you to know that there are Turkish boats for sale that are suitable for every budget and feature.

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