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With the end of 2021 season, Turkish boats have already started to carry out renovation works in the shipyards for preparations for the new season. While the blue cruise services of some boats continue until the end of October, the ones that do not have tours have started their interior and exterior renovations.

The biggest feature of wooden boats is that they are renewed according to needs. The fact that the boat is wooden, provides workmanship and renewal opportunities to every point. Wooden boats, which have more advantages than fiber boats, thus extend their life every year and their value increases exponentially with maintenance work.

In general, every year, external hull and upper hull maintenance works are carried out on gulets, as well as internal maintenance works such as scraping, caulking, burning, paste, varnish, paint, polish. Among these studies, foremost; Technical studies such as cabin renovation, bathroom – WC maintenance renovation works, waste water tank, clean water tank maintenance, engine – generator maintenance, electricity and water connection maintenance are carried out.

The 34 meter 8 cabins Kaptan Mehmet Bugra gulet, which is included in our lists, is among the boats that entered maintenance this winter.

blue lights on kaptan mehmet bugra gulet

blue lights on kaptan mehmet bugra gulet

After the teak coating was made around the jacuzzi in the foredeck area, mosaic coating is applied to the cabin bathroom walls this winter.

mosaic coating in bathrooms - Kaptan Mehmet Bugra Gulet

mosaic coating in bathrooms – Kaptan Mehmet Bugra Gulet

We have been informed that the upholstery and awnings on the deck will be overhauled on our boat, which is currently being worked on. K Mehmet Bugra gulet, where all cabin doors will also be taken into maintenance, has entered full maintenance for the 2022 season.

Our yacht, 31 meters, 6 cabins Prenses Bugce Gulet, which is in Mirya Yachting management, will serve as 2 master cabins from the 2022 season. 2 double cabins at the stern were destroyed and 1 main master cabin was built instead. This week, we started the cabin renovation work on our boat, where all wood and other materials were purchased for the master cabin. Along with the construction of the new master cabin, maintenance work will also be carried out on the other cabins throughout the winter.

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