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Find up to date gulet for sale options in this page. Anytime could be an ideal time to buy a gulet in Turkey. However the best months to consider a gulet investment begins from late August until the end of April – just before the gulet charter season begins. At Mirya Yachting we specialize in Gulets and offer our own pre-inspected selection of these beautiful and interesting Turkish wooden yachts for various budgets and specifications. †Since we deal mainly owner direct it is possible for us to negotiate the best possible prices.

Turkey is truly the Gulet capital of the world. There is no wider selection of gulets to choose from for your investment objectives. The choices change often since gulets are sold all the time and either kept in Turkey for charter or private use; or they are exported to countries such as Croatia, Italy, Greece, America, Spain.

The widest selection of gulet for sale Turkey is available from any one of the major ports along the southern coast. While considering to buy a gulet from the owner may seem advantageous; it is always ideal to consider your options through a Mirya Yachting gulet broker since they would only work in your best interest and source directly – gulet for sale that best matches your criteria and budget.

gulet for sale Turkey

Gulet for sale Turkey

You can find new build gulets or second hand gulets from our portfolio.
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6 Cabins Turkish Gulet for Sale
2019 Built, Marmaris
Asking price: 1.650.000 Euro
6 Cabins Wooden Boat for Sale
2017 Built, Marmaris
Asking price: 1.650.000 Euro
8 Cabins Large Capacity Gulet for Sale
2004 Built, Fethiye
Asking price: 1.800.000 Euro
4 Cabins Modern Style Boat for Sale in Turkey
2023 Built, Fethiye
Asking price: 640.000 Euro
6 Cabins Motorsailer for Sale in Turkey
1996 Built, Istanbul
Asking price: 999.000 Euro

Fleet of Gulets for sale in Turkey

An owner may only be able to offer one or perhaps two or few options which may not all be suitable for your requirements. On the other hand, a Mirya gulet broker will provide you with a wider selection from various regions with whom they deal with directly from an owner – while looking out for your best interest.

When searching gulet for sale Turkey; know your investment objective, your particulars, an estimated budget, look through our selection, then contact a Mirya Yachting gulet broker to assist in your dream gulet purchase from the moment you make the first contact until your investment is secured with necessary permits in place for export and delivery.

New Build Gulet For Sale in Turkey

Among the gulets for sale published in our lists, there are newly built boats as well. When we look at the construction criteria, they are more modern in design, unlike the boats built in the 90s. For example, the comfort and features of the deck – cabin are more luxurious, engine volumes are higher and double engines are generally used, electricity and plumbing cables are of high quality. For this reason, in recent years, new build boats have been the priority for both charter tours and private-purpose boats.

Second Hand Gulet for Sale in Turkey

The second hand boat market is always very active. It offers opportunities to investors in terms of boat diversity, especially in the second-hand market in Turkey. We can negotiate one last time with the owner or agency for the boat you like. There is a variety of wooden gulets, fiber sails, motor yachts for sale or steel boats in the second hand sale market, which allows price reductions.

Luxury Gulet for Sale in Turkey

There are also luxury gulets for sale among the new yachts added to our lists every day. You have luxury gulet options over 24 meters for sale in Turkey, you can write to us about your request. We can help you find the luxury yacht you are looking for in ports such as Marmaris, Bodrum, Bozburun, Göcek, Antalya, Istanbul, Izmir, Fethiye where there are shipyards. We act together with the best companies in foreign customs affairs and law firm. You can feel safe with our wide network of connections and brokers with sales experience.

Used Gulet for Sale in Turkey

If you are looking for a used gulet for sale, you can find boats for sale in the budgets and features you want on our website. We also have boat advertisements that we do not publish. Since Turkey is a gulet construction region, many new gulets land on the seas every year, so the variety for used gulets for sale increases.

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