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Experience the Best of Blue Cruise Marmaris

Marmaris blue cruise – As one of the most recent, rapidly developing seaside harbor cities, Marmaris has become a gulet charter hot spot for blue cruises. Marmaris is home to four main marinas; therefore attracting not only yachtsmen but also sailing enthusiasts from around the globe.

For gulet cruise holiday guests, it is an ideal place to spend some quality time and see the sights. There is plenty to do in and around the Marmaris region. While some debate on whether Marmaris resides in the Mediterranean or Aegean, it is actually on the border between the two seas. While the city is more on the Mediterranean side, the fascinating villages of Marmaris are lined along the shores of the Aegean sea.

Blue Cruise Marmaris is a popular tourist activity in Marmaris, a coastal town in the southwestern part of Turkey. The Blue Cruise is a unique way to explore the scenic coastline of Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, with a focus on relaxation, natural beauty, and cultural experiences.

One of Marmaris’ most well-liked Blue Cruise itineraries departs from the harbor and travels to the Gulf of Gokova. The route passes past some of the most beautiful beaches and coves in the region, such as Kumlubuk Bay, the Seven Islands, and Cleopatra Island. Along the route, visitors may take in the breathtaking views, unwind in the serene setting, and savor delectable Turkish fare.

The Blue Cruise experience is also a great way to learn about the region’s rich cultural heritage. Guests can visit historic sites and explore traditional villages, such as the ancient city of Knidos, the Loryma Castle, and the Datca Peninsula. They can also experience Turkish hospitality and culture by visiting local markets, meeting local people, and participating in cultural activities on board.

Overall, Blue Cruise Marmaris is an excellent way to enjoy a unique and relaxing vacation in one of the most beautiful regions of Turkey.

Blue Cruise Yachts in Marmaris

As a part of these unique Blue Cruise Marmaris gulet travels, the villages can play an elemental part of a superb itinerary. Yes, you do not need to go far out into the open seas in order to be able to enjoy the ultimate pleasures of a gulet charter holiday in Turkey. The villages, as well as both the Bozburun and Datca peninsulas are filled with spectacular scenery of lush green hilltops.  The region in itself provide excellent biking or hiking grounds – should you wish to combine your travels with a hybrid holiday concept.

Kaptan Mehmet Bugra

Cabins: 8
Guest Capacity: 18
Starting Price: €3.750 / Day

Berrak Su

Cabins: 6
Guest Capacity: 12
Starting Price: €2.000 / Day

S Nur Taylan

Cabins: 8
Guest Capacity: 16
Starting Price: €2.430 / Day

Ugur 2005

Cabins: 7
Guest Capacity: 14
Starting Price: €2.000 / Day

Marmaris & Greek Islands

Should you point your compass to the west, a journey towards the villages of Marmaris, further into the Gulf of Gokova will take you to the bustling harbor city of Bodrum – where gulet first originated. Finally as either an addition to your gulet cruising, heading to the Southern Aegean will open way to the many exciting islands of Greece. Beginning in the Dodecanese where you can visit Rhodes, Symi and Kos; and further over to the other island groups of the Cyclades to see the famous island of Santorini and Mikonos; and the Sporades and Ionians.

These itineraries are all dependent of course on the gulet you charter and how it is all planned with your agent. But the options are all there for you to discuss.Without further thought, why not explore the gulet heavens of Turkey with a blue cruise holidays of a lifetime!

The Perfect Blue Cruise Port: Marmaris

Beginning from the centrum, guests of Marmaris can stroll around the harbor. The layout of the bay and harbor is like no other coastal city in the Mediterranean of Turkey where shopping, both local and touristic; the restaurants, bars, night clubs and beaches are all parallel to each other.

The prime centre revolves around the Marmaris castle hilltop known as the ‘Old Town’. From this point onward where you wish to go and see is all within very short walking distances. The promenade is beautiful and draws many – from walkers, joggers, cyclists to children on the beach.
As a central location to gulet cruise, there are many different variations of itineraries to choose from. Heading to the east you will have the choice of visiting some history along with the unique culture found in that part of the Turkish Mediterranean – inclusive of the cuisine.

Places such as the ancient cities of Caunos in Dalyan can be reached from your gulet by a local boat ride along the Dalyan river. Going further into the Eastern Mediterranean region of Antalya province, a must-see is the ancient city of Simena, now-a-days known as Kekova where the sunken underwater city still remains with the ruins from the Lycian civilization.

Marmaris Castle

There is plenty to do in and around the Marmaris region. While some debate on
whether Marmaris resides in the Mediterranean or Aegean, it is actually on the border between the two seas. While the city is more on the Mediterranean side, the fascinating villages of Marmaris are lined along the shores of the Aegean sea.
Marmaris Museum serves in Marmaris Castle, which is a historical place.
The castle was built on a peninsula behind Marmaris Harbor, overlooking the sea. The first information about Marmaris Castle dates back to BC.

The historian Herodotus from Halicarnassus (Bodrum), who lived between 490-425, gives. Herodotus was the first to build the castle in BC. 3. He says it was made in the thousandth. Physkos (Marmaris), which was a Carian City in this period, is a crossing point between the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean as it is today. The port of the city has maintained its importance throughout the ages with the trade routes opening to Rhodes and Egypt.

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