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The new boats and gulets produced in the Turkey shipyards and boat docks in almost every port bring dynamism to the sector.

Hundreds of new boats and gulets sail the seas every year. Whether for private use, racing or rental purposes, beautiful and high quality yachts are delivered to their buyers in Turkish shipyards.

In addition to such a wide range of products and the unique design craftsmanship of each region, the second-hand boat sector is also very lively. There are also luxury gulets for sale, second-hand gulets for sale, new built gulets for sale, motor yachts for sale or daily tour boats for sale in the Turkish yacht market. There is a market diversity not only for large luxury yacht but also for small boats for sale.

Blue cruise holidays in Turkey are among the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. As holiday makers from all over the world prefer the seas and bays of Turkey, the shipyards produce new yachts every year.

The boat construction standards increased every year and comfort and luxury criteria changed. As popular as new built gulets are, old model Turkish boats are also preferred with price advantages.
As a result, it is an option that extends 70-80 years and even up to 100 years in terms of wood life. Therefore, even though the wood is old, you can get a premium that is close to modern new construction boats with the chance to be renewed and refit.

New Boats Added on Turkey Gulet for Sale Listings

New boats continue to be added to our gulet boat list for sale every week. You can find updated information, pictures and prices of boats in our lists, where yachts of all sizes are added. We can offer the yachts you are looking for in the fastest way at the right prices.

Would you like to join our Yacht Presentation Tour?

You may want to see the boats for sale at the shipyards. For this reason, we are preparing a presentation program for you. Based on our experience, we reach the solution in the easiest way and with the right steps.

We know well that we will be successful if we are clear and honest with our boat buyer guests. Here are the steps we will follow for the boat presentation;

*Before meeting with you, we prepare the boats suitable for your budget and send you a presentation email.
*After your confirmation e-mail stating that you want to see the boats, we prepare a boat show tour plan for you.
*When you come to Turkey after your tour plan approval, we start our tour according to the order in which the boats are in the port.
*With our private vehicles, we go to the ports or shipyards where the boats are located, and see and examine the boats on site.
*After examining all the boats in every detail, we can move on to the next step according to your decision.
*You may want to have the mechanical – technical parts of the boat you like checked. You can have your own captain or mechanic take care of it, or you can have it checked by the masters we know.

We work with private customs and law firms that have made a good name in boat purchases.

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