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Turkey Yacht Charter Holidays

The best moments in Luxury yacht charters!

If you’re looking to luxury yacht charters in Turkey, Greek Islands or Croatia, you have landed in the right place. At MIRYA Yachting, we specialize in planning and organizing gulet boats rentals and from various ports in the Mediterranean. Together with you and the captains, we put together the best possible routes and offer the most ideal luxury yacht. Our aim is to combine our resources and knowledge so that you and your guests can enjoy the many treasures. We are offering luxury yacht holidays tailored to your style and standards!

Please feel free to contact us today and ask for our most competitive private yacht charter price, details, and routes – custom designed just for you. Turkey vacation deals waiting for you!


Discover Yacht Destinations

Magical destinations… fresh sunrises… amazing sunsets.. If you are planning on starting your yacht holiday in Turkey, Greece or Croatia; Mirya Yachting will provide best services for you!
Marmaris, Bodrum, Gocek, Fethiye, Rhodes, Kos, Split, Dubrovnik, Croatia and more places for visit..

Most Popular Yachts on Turkey Vacation

YAZZ Yacht

Length: 56 Mt / Cabins: 5 / Guests: 11
Starting from: €90.000 Euro
View Photos & Prices

Silver Moon Yacht

Length: 36 Mt / Cabins: 5 / Guests: 11
Starting from: €38.500 Euro
View Photos & Prices

Long Island Yacht

Length: 39 Mt / Cabins: 5 / Guests: 10
Starting from: €45.500 Euro
View Photos & Prices

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Mirya Yachting provides luxury yacht charters in Turkey, Greece or Croatia. If you need a bit of assistance contact us. We will provide all information with the best possible rates for Turkey vacation!

What is Cost for Food Beverage on Gulet Charters?

Food & beverage prices may also change with increasing costs every year. This year, full board meal prices per person, including soft drinks, start from 70 Euros per day. On luxury yacht tours, this price may vary depending on the meal plan and boat. It is also possible to buy prices of 80 Euros or above.

Half board prices start from 50 Euros per day, depending on menu options. These prices include not only food and soft drinks for the guests, but also any extra needs that the chef may request. Full board includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea time snacks and dinner. All soft drinks are also included. Not every agency or boat owner may includes these soft drinks in the package.

According your preferences, we can organize meal packages and meal menus. Please request for detailed information to one of our gulet experts.

How to Get Major Harbors from Airports?

Private transfer vehicles must be rented for transfers from airports to major harbors. Such vehicles are organized according to the number of guests on the luxury yacht. To reach Bodrum port, your plane arrives at Milas airport. You will arrive at Bodrum port from this airport in approximately 40 minutes. If you are coming to Dalaman airport, Gocek port is only 20 minutes away, Fethiye is 40 minutes away and Marmaris port is 70 minutes away. During the preparations for your tour, our gulet experts will inform you about airport transfers and costs. The transfer vehicle costs may vary depends transfer companies, service qualities and distances. Also you can rent a taxi at the airports if you wish.

Please keep contact with one of our gulet experts for more information you may need.

What is the most visited destination in Turkey?

Without a doubt, our answer would be Istanbul, but for gulet charters, our choice would be Gulf of Hisaronu. This magnificent holiday destination located in the Aegean Region of Turkey. Here’s why you should choose Gulf of Hisaronu.

1. Clear Sea and Beautiful Coves: Hisarönü Bay is known for its clear blue sea and impressive coves. Popular stops such as Orhaniye, Selimiye, Bozburun, and Dirsekbükü.
2. Natural Beauty and Tranquility: The region offers a more peaceful and nature-oriented holiday away from heavy tourism.
3. Cultural and Historical Richness: Around Gulf of Hisaronu, you can find ancient ruins, historic castles, and traditional villages.
4. Delicious Aegean Cuisine: The region has world-famous restaurants or local tastes.
5. Activities and Entertainment: Gulf of Hisaronu offers various activities such as sailing, swimming, diving, and water sports of night life making it suitable for adventure seekers.

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Luxury Yacht Charters in Turkey & Greece or Croatia