Luxury Yacht Charter

Turkey, Croatia, Greek Islands, Mediterranean

Mirya Yachting offer luxury yacht charter services in Turkey, Croatia and Greek Islands. Find up to 200 yachts & gulet for luxury boat holidays. We specialize in custom planning and organizing boat charter for your special holidays at sea with family and friends.

Find top tier charter a luxury yacht in Turkey, Croatia and Greek Islands, Mediterranean. Luxury yacht holidays for families, couples, corporate and luxury events. We combine our gulet charter and motor yacht charter resources, knowledge, and skills so that you and your guests can enjoy the many treasures that the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Adriatic seas have to offer. Together with you, your guests, and the captains, we put together the best possible private yacht charter itineraries.

Please feel free to contact us today and ask for our most competitive luxury yacht charter price, details, and routes – custom designed just for you. Invite your family & friends for amazing yacht charter and have early booking or last minute price advantages.

Isolated bays, islands, isolated yachts with best rates. Best price guarantee for yacht charter Turkey

Things To Know While On a Luxury Boat Holidays

How about being on a yacht for a week or more? What should you expect once you come onboard? Here we will let you know useful details for luxury boat holidays.

There are some certain details to know in advance and after that, your life on board will be much easier.


luxury yacht charter
luxury yacht charter

Those are the things that may sound quite boring and we can hear you saying these same old staff but please try to keep in mind that all is for your comfort and safety. We guarantee that if you follow some simple steps your life on board will be much easier. Being careful while walking around the open deck.  Avoid wasting water and remember using electricity wisely. Keeping in mind that jumping overboard or swimming is a big no while yacht is maneuvering. Open flame and smoking are extremely hazardous and life-threatening.

Nothing should be thrown overboard neither any garbage nor any cigarette butts. Because each one of us has the responsibility to keep safe the environment. We should only leave our footprint on the beach nothing more.


This is most probably the one of the best detail onboard. Imagine that you are receiving an excellent fine dining service but not restricted with some sitting hours, no need to wait on the line for a juicy bbq, no need to run for the table by the window, absolutely feeling comfortable with your casual outfit, no reservation is a necessity. The only thing you do is to enjoy. All the good things come with good planning and advanced information. That is the reason you receive a preference list from your luxury yacht charter company. As long as you work with professionals all will be set. You should inform them if you have any strict diet or any allergies etc. After that, you just sit back and relax.


It may sound weird to you but packing up for yacht charter has some similarities and differences than another type of vacation. Let us explain how it works. There is no obligation for your outfits. There will be no rules to push you such as gala-night or formal dinner what so ever. No bow tie or tuxedo necessarily unless if you do not want. Keep in mind once you rent the yacht you will have your privacy. The best seat is guaranteed. Your private chef and staff will be at your service. All you need to do is to enjoy it. Bon appetite!
Mirya Yachting is your best support with all these details, we know exactly what is the greatest luxury yacht charter experience.

Luxury Yacht Charter

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