Yacht Charter Mediterranean

Being on vacation means a lot to every one of us. Especially if you choose to have yacht charter holiday it has a lot more to enjoy. If you already set the route as Mediterranean, then you got lucky!

Yacht charter Mediterranean Sea gives wide selection of astounding spots to be seen.
Mediterranean Sea is the diamond covered silk carpet of north hemisphere. There are many famous destinations awaits to be discovered.  From West to East there are numerous options to be discover.

Northern shore has the most popular stops of all. Starting from West to East Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and Turkey. Those destinations have very well-deserved reputation with their historical heritage and natural beauties. Once you decide to go for blue cruise and if you pick one of above options, you will never regret.

Yacht Charter Mediterranean

Clear Eyes

Cabins: 5
Guest Capacity: 10
Starting Price: €9.285 / Day


Cabins: 6
Guest Capacity: 12
Starting Price: €15.000 / Day

K Mehmet Bugra

Cabins: 6
Guest Capacity: 18
Starting Price: €3.000 / Day

Ubi Bene

Cabins: 5
Guest Capacity: 10
Starting Price: €5.000 / Day

Mediterranean Life

Be brave to try local cuisine

It is your vacation and believe it or not none of the local dish will taste better even if you live in very cosmopolitan city. Be brave be adventurous on trying new flavours. Do not be afraid because Mediterranean cuisine is not too edgy comparing with Asian one.

Be amazed by gourmet culture

You decided to travel and luckily it is always a huge plus to meet with new cultural diversity in this land. Mediterranean has one of the richest places with well-deserved fame of gourmet culture.  The Mediterranean cuisine is rich in lean proteins, such as chicken, fresh seafood; fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables; whole, unprocessed grains; seeds and nuts; and last but not the least healthy fats like olive oil. It is also another reason to sail away to Mediterranean this summer.


Be open to discover hidden natural beauties

Once you planned your blue cruise it is all scheduled and clear where to go and when to stop. But beside of all some destinations will be more interesting and worth to discover as your taste.

If you crave to discover deep historical heritage of Mediterranean culture it will be one of the best chances.

Be surprised with historical heritage

Mediterranean and Aegean are homeland of world heritage. There are so many things to discover and to learn. If you are into see historical places and discover old land, then you should make your way to Mediterranean while you are on yacht charter.