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Blue Voyage Destinations

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We are pleased to list 24 blue voyage destinations in this blog article. The purpose is to give you and your guests ideas of places to visit on your yacht holidays in Turkey, Greece and Croatia. You can always follow us online through our social media networks such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, and google+ as well to view our different posts on destinations and the charter yachts that can take you to these amazing places.

None of these destinations are listed in any particular order of importance since they are all quite valuable holiday destinations during your private yacht charter holiday.

#24Kas, Turkey#23Tilos, Greece#22Hvar, Croatia#21Akyaka, Turkey
#20Nisyros, Greece#19Mljet, Croatia#18Knidos, Turkey#17Leros, Greece
#16Vis, Croatia#15Oludeniz, Turkey#14Patmos, GR#13Brac, Croatia
#12Marmaris, TR#11Santorini, GR#10Zadar, Croatia#9Fethiye, TR
#8Symi, Greece#7Trogir, Croatia#6Kalkan, Turkey#5Kalymnos, GR
#4Korcula, HR#3Bodrum,Turkey#2Mykonos, GR#1Kornati Islands

Destination #24

Kas, Antalya, Turkey

Situated in the province of Antalya, and a very popular blue cruise destination is the charming coastal town (once a fishing village) of Kas. It is a place that is ideal for all ages. Such a picturesque town, Kas is not overcrowded yet still draws in a great deal of travelers each year. Such that is a holiday resort town, the winters are quiet – however just as beautiful. However come Spring, Summer and Fall, the colors of Kas become more vibrant. The local shops, restaurants and cafes open up and the visitors start strolling around looking for souvenirs and other pleasantries to take back home.

As there are no beaches a part of Kas, other exciting activities and land excursions are possible. This could be diving, paragliding, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming from the platforms that have been built by local businesses. Other activities possible are jeep safaris, mountain biking, or just a stroll around the many Ottoman style houses covered in bougainvillea, through cobblestone streets. Kas town presents a very easy-going atmosphere. There are an array of lovely restaurants and cafes to relax and enjoy the scenery.

There are many Lycian ruins scattered throughout the Kas region such as Sarcophagus, a well-preserved theater from the Hellenistic period, sculpted carvings and Lycian rock tombs.

If you are interesting in visiting the town of Kas, booking your yacht charter with a blue cruise itinerary embarking from Fethiye or Gocek will take you there. For two-week private gulet charters, starting your trip from Bodrum or Marmaris will also be able to take you to Kas town.

Destination #23

Tilos Island, Dodecanese, Greece

Situated in the middle between the islands of Rhodes and Kos, you will find a small island in the Dodecanese. Tilos is one of beautiful destinations you may stop at during a private blue voyage holiday from Turkey, Kos or Rhodes. Based on past discoveries of stone and clay, it is stated that Tilos dates back to the Neolithic Age. Tilos Island combines a casual, medium to low traffic touristic island with a number of villages and secluded sandy beaches.

The port of Livadia welcomes visitors. Although there isn’t an abundance in touristic facilities, the island is a great place for those seeking some peace and quiet and some privacy too – since the beaches are not all the packed like the larger surrounding islands. Tilos is also ideal for hiking. There are two main beaches, Livadia and Eristos.

As for places to see on the island, you can take a trip on the mountain to a Medieval castle located above Megalo Chorio or visit the Monastery of Agios Panteleimon. Tilos Island is not a party place. It’s a destination for travelers looking for low crowds, beautiful scenery and simply a place to unwind for the day.

For yacht charters to visit Tilos Island, travelers can embark on their private boat hire from Bodrum, Marmaris, Kos or Rhodes. Alternative routes can be designed to embark from elsewhere – based on the time of year, the boat and the weather conditions.

Destination #22

Hvar Island, Croatia

Considered one of the most visited and favored islands in Croatia, and located in the centre of the central Dalmatian archipelago, Hvar draws visitors annually in high volume. Whether you are embarking from the harbor of Split or the Dubrovnik, you can certainly include the island of Hvar into your itinerary.  Places to visit in this historical island include are the town of Hvar, Stari Grad, Jelsa, Sućuraj and Vrboska. Additional places to see along the coast are Milna, Sveta Nedilja, Ivan Dolac and Zavala.  One can explore the northern coast of Stari Grad Bay, with its wide open bay and many lovely coves.

Hvar Island dates back to pre-historic times. As you can imagine, this island was inhabited by many civilizations. Hence you will find that there are a variety of architectural and cultural monuments. It was during the 16th and the 17th centuries that Hvar was the centre of the Croatian literature.

Certainly a must-see place to visit during your blue voyage travels in the Adriatic. Warm Croatian hospitality, a magnificent coastline with picturesque beaches and bays, untouched natural landscapes, along with rich historical and cultural significance, famed lavender, olive groves and wines, leaves much reason to explore. There more to describe about this amazing island of treasures. But why don’t we leave the rest for you to discover on a Croatian gulet cruise holiday.

Destination #21

Akyaka, Turkey

An interesting place with Ula architecture (similar to the Ottoman houses) and located on the far eastern part in the Gulf of Gokova, is the splendid town of Akyaka. For those who are seeking the not-so-touristic coastal shores of Turkey, Akyaka may just be the spot to check out. To reach Akyaka, either embarking from Bodrum or Marmaris will set this beautiful town into your boat charter itinerary. Unlike other villages and towns in the Gulf of Gokova, Akyaka features a few to-do’s that could be a part of your experience.

There is a wide stream called the ‘Azmak’ which runs into the sea from Akyaka. It’s quite cooling during the summer months and slightly salty. However one can take a scenic local boat ride along the Azmak to capture some of the surrounding natural beauty. The nearest archaeological ruins are found in the ancient city of Idyma, inland from Akyaka, dating back to the 4th Century B.C. The city walls of the acropolis extend 200 meters in length. Aproximately 50 rock tombs are situated along the steep climb.

Akyaka is highly favored by local tourism. It’s not a place that is widely offered to visit; hence making it not as commercial as some seaside villages and towns. For travelers seeking the natural Turkish way to enjoy some peace and quiet while taking in the lush pine green scenery, this is the place to visit. The main beach is usually crowded especially when schools are out. However a more quieter less occupied beach, is the picturesque Cinar beach. Another place of interest nearby that you can visit with your gulet charter, is Sedir Island, otherwise known as Cleopatra Island. It is said that it is where Cleopatra once bathed and the sand was brought to the beach from Egypt by Mark Anthony. There is a small fee to get access to its Roman ruins.

Should you decide to eat out than on board your private gulet, there are many local restaurants at locals prices available. The feature food to try is the fish sandwich. Fresh grilled fish is placed in between Turkish bread and quite the local tourist favorite. Many Turkish travel to Akyaka just to have this. There are other traditional fish restaurants to enjoy in the charming town of Akyaka.

Destination #20

Nisyros Island, Dodecanese, Greece

White-washed houses cover the hills, while the narrow slate streets wide enough for a scooter offer a peaceful portrait of classic Greek architecture – you come across decorative pebble mosaics, and historical stone-walled sites. Welcome to the volcanic island of Nisyros. It is one of the most sought after islands to visit in the Dodecanese on a private gulet charter holiday.

Nisyros Island is a place not only picturesque from the sea but also from land. Enjoy a cool refreshing drink or an afternoon Greek coffee from anyone of the cafes or picturesque tavernas, that border the coastline and take in that rejuvenating sea breeze. Other than it’s natural wild beauty, visitors can enjoy a variety beaches, historical sites. A trip to the village of Nikia may be interesting as there you will see an amazing volcano crater in the area of Lakki.

Dating back to the 5th Century B.C. , there are ancient walls which form a part of the acropolis near Mandraki. There are numerous Orthodox Christian churches on Nisyros Island and 4 uninhabited monasteries – the largest being of Panagia Spiliani (Blessed Virgin Mary of the cave) on the hilltop. Neighboring, travelers will find a medieval castle built by the Knights Hospitaller whom had conquered Nisyros in 1315.

If you seek something local to try, one is the traditional non-alcholic drink called, Soumada made from almonds.

Destination #19

Mljet Island, Croatia

A stunning island located in the southeastern part of the Adriatic islands. Mljet is often referred to the “greenest island” in the region and considered one of the top 10 islands in Croatia to visit. There is a national park, with 2 saltwater lakes; Veliko and Malo Jezero. The lakes are located at the north end of the island. There is also an island within the island (Isle of St. Mary) with an old Benedictine monastery that is situated in the middle of Veliko Jezero lake … A truly rich lush green island where a person could possibly extend their lifespan with its peerless beauty.

One attractions of Mljet island is the Odysseus cave on the south side – a geomorphology phenomena. The cave is connected to the open sea through a wide and small tunnel. The largest village on the island is Babino Polje. Based on legend, Odysseus was shipwrecked on the island of Ogigija and spent 7 years looking to go home to his beloved Penelopa.

Mljet is filled with history, culture, heritage and legends and famed with Homer’s Odyssey, the shipwreck of St. Paul the Apostle, the Romans and Illyrians and more. A spectacular Eden and certainly a place worth the discovery on a Croatia gulet cruise from Split or Dubrovnik.

Destination #18

Knidos, Datca Peninsula, Turkey

An ancient settlement located in the southern tip of the Datca peninsula is the ruins of Knidos. It was once an ancient Greek city of the Carians, and one of the Dorian  federation of six cities. The peninsula forms the southern side of the picturesque Gulf of Gokova. A very popular place of archaeological interest to travelers from around the world, filled with architectural remains. Visitors to Datca tend to also visit Knidos. Or if blue cruise charters traveling from Bodrum harbor, may also visit Knidos since it is located within the same area in the Gulf of Gokova. If you are in the area, it is truly a must-see and very interesting site during your holidays.

There is a great deal of history possessed in Knidos. Once a Hellenic city of high antiquity, Knidos formed the 6 cities of the Dorian Hexapolis; namely Bodrum, Kos, Lindos, Kamiros and Ialyssos of Rhodes. The naked and admired statue of Aphrodite, created by sculptor Praxiteles, was known to be displayed in Knidos – however could not be found except for the pedestal that remains on site.

During the season of gulet charter holidays, you may see other gulet blue cruise travelers mooring in Knidos for a small  trek around this impressive ancient site. It is also a great place for children to discover and may be a wonderful story to share when they return to school. It’s one thing to read about ancient cities such as Knidos, and another to actually see it in real life. However, although quite sad to say, many of the ruins and statues from Knidos are found in the British Museum in London – like many other archaeological finds from Turkey in other countries – while many will agree they should stay where they were found and not elsewhere.

You may enjoy Knidos – a place full of solitude and stunning views from the top.

Destination #17

Leros Island, Greece (Dodecanese)

The island of Leros is popular blue cruise holiday hot spot visited by many travelers each year. With a coastline of 71 kilometres, it is a beautiful island of the Dodecanese offering a rich historical, cultural and entertaining presence. Leros has seen past civilizations from the Romans, Byzantine, Ottomans and Venetians. Today, travelers will find a wide assortment of entertainment and dining establishments including interest Greek tavernas, combined with stunning beaches and lovely coves, lush landscape, and many ancient sites to explore. If you wanted to have a night out to dine at any one of the local fresh fish restaurants, than on your charter boat, there may be a great place to enjoy some traditional Greek cuisine.

Leros Island is renowned for its monumental Medieval Castle of the Knights of St. John. Other places of interest include churches and monasteries, archaeological monuments and fortresses. It might be an idea to explore these great ancient site by renting a scooter for the day.

The popular of beaches and places one can visit on Leros are Partheni and Blefouti located in the north part of the island; Gourna, Kokali and Ayia Isidoros in the west. There is also a large bay in the eastern central, called Alinda.

During your blue voyage in Greece, the most popular places and beaches to visit are Partheni and Blefouti in the north, Gourna, Kokali and Ayia Isidoros on the west side of the island and the big bay of Alinda in the central east part of the island, which offer the beaches of Panagias and Crithoni. The main central port to stroll about is Agia Marina.

Destination #16

Vis Island, Croatia

Located a mere 60 miles from the Italian coast is one of the most charming of islands in the Adriatic sea. The island’s coastline slopes and separating while you will see Komiza on the west side and Vis harbor to the north.

The first signs of settlement in Vis dates back to 3000 B.C. ; but settlement of the Croatians wasn’t until 7th Century. Through Venetian authority, then later Austrians, French and English; Vis was eventually closed to outsiders by the Croatians until 1989. Hence Vis Island has one of the best preserved nature, breathtaking beaches, ecological agriculture and traditional architecture, among the Croatian islands.

The island of Vis is a true favorite destination among travelers on boat charter holidays in Croatia. It’s authentic Mediterranean environment and relaxing way of life are just some of the features of this island. According to some local sources, it was Vis – where the Greeks planted the first grape vines. The Vis Vugava is a renown and authentic white wine which can be asked for, in a variety of restaurants and wine cellars on the island. As the island of fisherman, there are many delightful places to enjoy a seafood dinner when you are not dining on your private gulet charter in the Adriatic.

A variety of activities such as visiting some the beautiful pebble beaches and private coves, scuba diving, maybe a bit of kite surfing and windsurfing can be done in Vis. The town is small enough to walk around. You may also visit Komiza by car or bus on the western part of the island.

Destination #15

Oludeniz, Turkey

World renown for being the most photographed beach in Southern Turkey, Oludeniz is a magical paradise of true turquoise waters, sandy bay and crescent-shaped beach. The beach is often rated on the top list of the best beaches in the world.  The waters are calm even during storms.

The gulets which travel to this region, are not allowed to moor at the beach however nearby – so you and your guests can still enjoy the beauty of the area. It is a small town and considered an incredibly breathtaking part of Turkey’s coastline, located in the Gulf of Fethiye. Blue cruise travelers embarking from Marmaris, Fethiye or Gocek, and sometimes Bodrum can easily visit Oludeniz.

The natural beauty and lovely turquoise waters aside, it is also where holidaymakers can go paragliding off of Mt. Babadag (aprx. 1900 meter elevation) and a very desirable place for this sport. Oludeniz is also where the famous Lycian Way trail begins which continues towards the Antalya province to ancient Olympos.

Travelers can also enjoy some of savory delights from the Turkish kitchen at any one of the restaurants and lounge about at the beach bars located in the area. Certainly a must-see if you are on a gulet cruise.

Destination #14

Patmos Island, Greece (Dodecanese)

One of the most treasured islands in the Dodecanese is Patmos. It is located at the northernmost part of the Dodecanese island group. Patmos Island dates all the way back to the Middle Bronze Age. The island is a wonderful place to visit during your blue cruises from Greece or Turkey as it surrounded by a beautiful nature, and offers a great deal of interesting sites to see and beaches to enjoy.

Patmos Island is globally renown as the sacred island where Saint John had written the Book of Revelation in 95 A.D. in the Holy Cave of the Apolacypse.  This amazing structure is viewable from all corners of the island – and is quite the impressive landmark. There is a great deal of history behind this place and certainly worth the visit – not to mentions wonderful views.

There are a variety of beaches for all types of travelers. Secluded and pebbly coves or sandy beaches that offer umbrellas, lined with bars and available water sports activities.

As you might imagine, the narrow streets are filled with history too. So after a visit to the monastery, a venture down to Skala port, you can explore more historical places along the way, and then grab a bit to eat at any of the restaurants, cafes, fresh fish tavernas. Or you can just sit at the harbor, enjoy the view, and pick up a few local delights from the shops with fresh-baked goods.

In addition, there is also the beach in Kampos facilitated with tasty fish dishes in anyone of the tavernas. Keep in mind that this beach is only accessible by boat, so you might like to speak to your gulet charter captain to see if it’s possible to visit this off-the-beaten-track explore. Another beach to check out might be Lampi with is beautiful and colorful pebbly beach.

Destination #13

Brac Island, Croatia

Situated between the channels of Splitska Vrata (Split Gate) and the Hvar Channel, the island of Brac has something to offer many types of travelers. It is an island with a mixture of white pebble and sandy beaches, lush green scrubbry, pine forests and olive groves, and a history dating back to prehistoric times. An island of views from the mainland and surrounding islands, it is an interesting place to visit during your Croatia yacht charter holidays. A few features of Brac include having the largest airport and the highest mountain ( Vidova gora, or Mount St. Vid) peak at 778m – of all the islands in Croatia.

The island is mainly composed of limestone and dolomite. The quarries have been a resource for buildings and other decorative stonework for many centuries. Even during the Roman times – for constructing cities, amphitheaters, temples, palaces and graves,  throughout Dalmatia. These stone excavations can be found in  Pucisca, Selca, Postira, and Splitska.

One of the most famous and picturesque beaches on the island is located in the town of Bol. The town is famous  for its beach, Zlatni Rat. It is one of the most popular place on Brac island. There you can visit many sandy beaches in nearby bays which you and your guests can enjoy during your sailing charter holidays in Croatia.

Destination #12

Marmaris, Turkey

A beautiful coastline, tucked in between a backdrop of lush pine hills, Marmaris and its surrounding regions has something to offer everyone. Although a resort town, it is also a place where both local and foreigners have made home all year round. Whether you are visiting Marmaris during your private yacht charter travels, or embarking from the harbor; activities and sites are plentiful.

There isn’t much found on the history of Marmaris itself; however it was a part of the Carian civilization. The famous landmark is the Marmaris castle, estimated to be 5000 years old. The castle was reconstructed by Suleyman the Magnificent during his expedition against Rhodes. Today it can be visited as a museum. Once a sleepy fishing village, Marmaris has grown to become one the most popular holiday hots spots to visit by land and by sea. The promenade alongside the waterfront begins from the marina and extends all the way to the next town of Icmeler – about 8 – 9 km. This tiled and paved scenic path attracts walker, joggers and cyclists all year – even in the winter time it’s a great place for a stroll.

Restaurants, bars, cafes, with live music, night clubs, water sports activities, land excursions, are in abundance, and all located in the Old Town – where your charter yacht will likely be moored. There is one main public pebbly beach in the centre and walking distance from the harbor. Marmaris is a colorful place, and also a region of stunning natural beauty. This beautiful coastal city presents a party atmosphere during the Spring and Summer season. However if you are one who prefers the peace and tranquility in a holiday, then the villages of Marmaris, located on the Bozburun and Datca peninsulas are the perfect settings to enjoy.

Destination #11

Santorini, Greece

There are many experiences which a traveler can live in Santorini (Thira). A highly distinguishing characteristic of the island is the rising 300 meter Caldera where white-washed houses decorate the cliff-tops. Santorini is rich in history, archaeological treasures, fine foods, local wines, exciting nightlife, breathtaking beaches and most of all the impressive and memorable sunsets – the island is globally famous for. It is said that Perissa is possibly the best beach to visit. There is also black pebble beach of Kamari.

Santorini possesses one of the largest volcanic eruptions of all time; called the Thera or Minoan eruption – over 3 millennium ago. Due to the ashy volcanic soil found on Santorini, produces one the most different wines from the domestic grape variety called, Assyrtiko. Wines of Assyrtiko, Athyri, Aidani, Mantilaria and Mavrotragano are just some of the characteristic varieties that you can try. These can be found at the renown wineries or restaurants.

There is much to explore in Santorini and a day would certainly not be enough.

Destination #10

Zadar, Croatia

Boasting with architectural treasures going back over 2,000 years, Zadar is one of the not often mentioned island – worth mentioning. The island provides many touristic resources to enjoy a day or a few during your boat charter holidays in Croatia’s many islands. One such Croatia gulet cruise itinerary starts in Split and ends in Zadar; therefore giving you time to check out the sites and enjoy the hospitality and local cuisine.  A pleasant stroll around the streets filled with a cultural atmosphere and rich history would be in the old town – situated on the peninsula. There are 34 old churches – the oldest one being St. Simeon (Sv. Šime).

Other places to check out is the St. Donat’s Church (now a museum). It is considered one of the best preserved pre-Romanesque structures in the world and one that has become a landmark in Zadar. There are classic music concerts held each summer as it is not used for religious ceremonies. There is also the Zadar Cathedral (St. Anastasia) which features an amazing organ nearly destroyed during the last war.

Housing a museum of antique religious relics, artifacts is the St. Mary’s Church. Founded by Dominican monks in 1396 is the University of Zadar, and the oldest in Croatia, and one of the oldest in Europe. There is also the Archaeological Museum which offers collections dating back to prehistoric times to the Middle Ages – featuring Romanesque stone carvings.

A man-made organ, called the Sea Organ operates with the motion of the waves and 35 pipes to create music. A popular place to see and interesting. The light display creates visuals from the sounds made by the organ.

Destination #9

Fethiye, Turkey

Possibly the most preferred region to embark from due to the proximity to the Dalaman airport and to the Antalya province region where most of the ancient archaeological sites and ancient cities from the Lycian period exist – is Fethiye. The Gulf of Fethiye boasts a wide choice of secluded coves and private bays and plenty of lush green scenery around. The city of Fethiye is too an amazing city to visit – at least for a day while moored at the harbor during your private yacht charter Turkey vacation.

If you are embarking from the Fethiye harbor, you may not have the chance to see the many ruins scattered throughout the immediate area – should you leave on your yacht charter holiday on the first day. From Lycian Rock Tombs, the amphitheatre by the waterfront, to the many sarcophagus’ in between the city streets and more, there is a great deal to discover in Fethiye. Should your itinerary include a visit to Fethiye, again, these impressive places can all be visited with organized land excursions or on your own.

The waterfront is beautiful. There is a long and newly extended promenade where you will find a variety of cafes and restaurants with panoramic views of the harbor. It is simply stunning – especially at night when the city lights come alive in many dazzling colors. Fethiye is very ideal for families. But it is also great for groups who are after some good time out on the town. Nearby is the town of Hisaronu, reachable within a 15 minute taxi ride. There you can pick from a wide selection of bars, night clubs and restaurants. A few nearby places of interest in the Gulf of Fethiye other than the ancient sites and ruins is the famous Oludeniz beach, Butterfly Valley and the Dalyan mud baths and King Tombs of Caunos.

Destination #8

Symi Island, Greece

A picturesque island located as a part of the Dodecanese group of islands in Greece is Symi. It is also closer to Turkey than it is to mainland Greece. There has been much conflict in the island’s possession throughout the centuries. Not much was known about this island until around the 14th Century where it was continuously populated. The island of Symi was first occupied by the Romans, then later by the Byzantines and then the Knights of St. John in 1373, then the Ottomans in 1522, Italians, Nazis, British, and finally back to the Greeks in 1948.

An island of great importance for many centuries, Symi has developed into one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean. It’s charming neo-classical architecture – influenced by the Venetians, and lovely harbor front where restaurants, cafes and shops can be visited. Some travels on luxury yacht charter holidays from Turkey or the Greek Islands, sometimes rent scooters to explore the islands many historical and cultural sites.

Symi Island is boasting with many landmarks. A few include a Greek Orthodox monastery, Archangel Michael Panormitis on the southwest part of the island from the 18th-century and continues to be inhabited by monks. There are 13 main churches in Symi and chapels, where some date back to the Byzantine period.

Built by the Knights of St. John – an extension of the Byzantine castle, is the Kastro that overlooks the main town. Visitors can find a ruins of an ancient citadel as well. There is also the municipal clock from 1880. A War memorial in the harbor with the “Dove of Peace” monument situated in front of a sculpture of a Trireme. There is also the village of Nimborio. The walls are from the ancient Pelasgian (ancestors of the Greeks) with a set of 12 domes which were workshops used by the artists back then.

Other than these amazing sites, walking – taking a stroll along the harbor, going for treks through the villages, bike riding are some other activities to do. Of course, shopping as well! The views from atop are stunning of the Sea and worth the ride, drive or hike.

Destination #7

Trogir Island, Croatia

An island of historical treasures, both the town and the harbor attract thousands of visitors each year.  Trogir is situated on the Adriatic coast – a mere 17 miles from the impressive city of Split. Many of the private boat charters drop anchor in Trogir harbor for a sightseeing adventure. The centre is on the list of the Unesco World Heritage Sites. During the 3rd Century, it was founded by Greek colonists from the island of Vis; and later influenced by also the Venetians and Romans.

Among the many interesting sites to visit include the city core where visitors will find approximately 10 churches and various other buildings from the 13th Century such as the Duke’s Palace, and the Cathedral with the Portal of Master Radovan.

The medieval centre presents a city gate from the 17th Century while the historic city walls are from the 15th Century as is the Fortress Kmerlengo. Trogir is an amazing place to explore for a change during your Croatia gulet cruise holidays.

Destination #6

Kalkan, Turkey

As one of the most stunning regions along the Lycian coast, the Mediterranean town of Kalkan is a true treasure chest of many things to do and certainly see. A historical and magical place which defines luxury, ancient history, and natural beauty in a small place of the earth. Once you’ve had a visit in Kalkan and its surrounding regions, you may just be lured to come back to enjoy more. Kalkan is a very desirable blue voyage destination. Upon arrival, you will realize why. Charming and unspoiled by mass tourism, there is much to explore within Kalkan; in historical sites nearby, quality restaurants and cafes, local shopping delights and plenty of water sports activities for all ages.

The streets are paved with slate and stone, as a stroll past white-washed houses with historic Ottoman architecture as well as Greek architecture influence are a part of the characteristic appeal – referred to as Kalkan Style houses. These lovely 2 – 3 story buildings are well-preserved and were purposely built to keep cool during hot summer months. The streets are narrow and during season you can see the beautiful bougainvillea blanketing the walls.

Adjacent to the harbor is a lovely pebbly beach in Kalkan. More well-known and desirable is a sandy beach a few kilometers towards Antalya – Karputas beach. Since you will be arriving by gulet or yacht charter, you won’t have to worry about the many steps to reach this picturesque destination. Maybe after some time in the town, a cruise to this beach may bode well for a lovely dinner and an amazing sunset. Archaeological sites such as the famous Tlos, Patara and Kekova – to name a few, are also nearby and can be seen while anchored in the respective harbors of these picturesque places.

Other than all the various water sports activities and paragliding available, Kalkan is also very popular for diving in the crystal clear waters of its Mediterranean.

Destination #5

Kalymnos, Greece

If you’re on a gulet holiday in the Dodecanese from Turkey, a great place to enjoy some sights and swimming is Kalymnos. Generally embarkations from Bodrum will allow for a fantastic itinerary to the Northern Dodecanese islands. Kalymnos is considered one of the wealthiest islands of Greece with a healthy population both local and during the Summer season when visitors arrive. There is just about everything for everyone here. The topography is mountainous along with sheltered coves. So if you wanted to anchor in a secluded place, there is many to choose from. Occupation began with the Carians, then the Byzantine Empire in the Middle Ages, followed by Venetian, Ottoman, Italians, and finally mainland Greece in 1947.

Possessing a great deal of history, culture, and breathtaking Eastern Mediterranean waters and scenery, Kalymnos is popular all year round. A few things to do while there, could by rock-climbing, diving in search of present shipwrecks, or enjoying the beaches that surround the island. Of course, local shopping, indulging in savory Greek cuisine is worth doing as well.

The sponge-divers island of Kalymnos also features beautiful narrow streets with impressive architecture sloping down two hills, from the port town of Pothia harbor. There are a variety of churches, museums and castles for sightseeing. If you happen to be visiting in September, you might like to also see the International Climbing Festival held each year. After spending some time in Kalymnos Island, short cruises to the neighboring islets may offer you a great choice for days’ end sunset and dinner.

Destination #4

Korcula, Croatia

This culturally and historically rich island, Korcula is an major attraction to blue cruise visitors seeking to explore more of the breathtaking Dalmatia coast. It is  the 6th largest of the many islands in the Adriatic. Based on legend, Korcula Island was founded by Antenor – a Trojan hero from the 12th Century B.C.  However it has been passed through time starting Mesolithic and Neolithic periods. The town itself is laid with marble streets and impressive architecture throughout. Although there is a great influx of tourists who visit Korcula each year; travelers can easily find and enjoy the small and private coves that line the southern coast.

Korcula is a festive place where tradition and culture is kept alive with religious ceremonies, and folk music and dances. It is a Crotian island filled with many historic tradtions in the city; such as the Moreska Sword Dance.

There is a lovely selection of restaurants and cafes to experience the unique Korcula culture. A specialty – desert wine made from the Grk grape is cultivated and can be found in the Lumbarda region.

Like some of the other islands in Croatia the city is surrounded by walls – inside with churches, museums and monasteries. Popular places to see is the Gothic and Renaissance Cathedral of St Mark.  There is also a 15th Century Franciscan monastery on the islet of Badija, near the town of Korcula. Other places of interest include Marco Polo’s House, All Saint’s Church, the Abbey Treasury, The Memorial Square, Dominican Monastery and Revelin Tower. But of course the beaches, bays and coves are certainly a must-do to take pleasure in the warm Mediterranean waters while later, enjoy a beautiful sunset at dinner. There are about 20 suggested beaches in the area. Sandy beaches include Luka Korculanska; Tatinja, Vela Przina, Bilin Zal in Lumbarda; and Istruga bay.

Destination #3

Bodrum, Turkey

With only a 40 minute transfer time, the bustling harbor city of Bodrum is home to some of the most beautiful yacht charters in the Eastern Mediterranean. The harbor is lined with famous Turkish gulets, mega yachts and many other types of boats which surround the landmark 15th Century Castle of St. Peter – built by the Knights Hospitaller. An all-year-round city, Bodrum and its alluring charm in culture, fine arts, literature, history, cuisine, high quality nightlife and more is a haven fit for many holiday travelers. From the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, to the surrounding places of ancient history, a Bodrum blue cruise is most ideal from this fascinating harbor in the Aegean sea. Neighboring many of the Dodecanese islands, makes for suitable itinerary choices during Bodrum yacht charter.

Famed for its name in history as Halicarnassus of Caria, and renown for housing the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Carians were known to be the first occupants of Bodrum, then later by the Dorian Greeks and later ruled under Persians. Even Alexander the Great has his hands on Bodrum for awhile, until captured by the Queen Ada of Caria.

As the origin of Turkish gulets and blue cruises, Bodrum continues to offer its voyage delights to travelers; and the rich and famous of Turkey as well from around the globe; each year to explore the Eastern Mediterranean, both from Turkey and the Greek Islands.

Destination #2

Mykonos, Greece

The island of the winds, history, beaches, romance and great entertainment, Mykonos is a place for all ages. It is one of the major islands located in the Cyclades. It’s main town bears the same name as the island. Earliest settlement dates back to the Ionians in 11th Century B.C. Like many islands in the Eastern Med, it has changed rule from the Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottomans.

As for boating vacations in Mykonos, many private yacht charter holidays from Turkey and Greece make Mykonos a part of their itinerary. Mykonos has also been a favorite gay-friendly holiday destination since the 70’s.

Two types of winds are known to be active in Mykonos. One in the winter, the Sirocco; and in the summer, the Meltemi winds which come from the north, during July and August. Travelers on blue cruises are advised of this so as to plan their itineraries accordingly since many Gulets and other small and medium sized boat charters prefer not to set route in this region during these months as it makes for rough seas – unless they are heading south where the winds stays behind. Otherwise it is not very comfortable and doesn’t offer very pleasant yacht charter holidays due to seasickness and the large waves. However the winds do help to cool down the temperatures during that time of year when its very hot.

A few places of interest include the Mykonos Windmills from the 16th Century. They do not operate any longer but rather are used as homes to the locals, storage space or museums. There are a few museums such as the Archaeological Museum (1905), Aegean Maritime Museum, Folklore Museum and the Agricultural Museum.

Above all, Mykonos is best visited for its fine beaches and exciting nightlife – as that is what it is most famous for.s


Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Göcek


Athens, Kos


Split, Dubrovnik, Trogir