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Gulets are unique to Turkey but can be hired in other countries such as Greece and Croatia, and all the way as far as Mexico. However the origin of gulets are Turkey.

Turkish gulets began as sponge fishing boats; namely tirhandils, and have developed extensively over the past few decades into one of the most popular boat charters in the Mediterranean, Aegean and the Adriatic. However tirhandils are no longer constructed or at least, not as much.

aft deck dining table - Angelica gulet

aft deck dining table – Angelica gulet

They have nearly become a rarity and if any are seen, they are usually quite old sturdy ones dating back to the 80’s and 90’s. Although these boats can be custom built to order; in blue cruise tourism they are not preferred due to the limited space in the aft area – hence the evolution of todays’ gulets.

Dona Gulet

Dona Gulet

Nowadays gulets come in two common types. The aynakic (ketch) or gulet (with rounded aft). These beautiful handcrafted wooden luxuries are available in so many different styles and sizes. No one gulet will be exactly the same as the next, unless the owners have built them as such. There are also more higher end Turkish gulets, which are known to be classified as sailing yachts due to the rigging and advanced design and technology.

Gulet Angelica front deck

Gulet Angelica front deck

Hiring a luxury gulet charter that is made in Turkey can be possible in a few other countries. However the choices are the most, in the place of origin.

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