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Hello from the Lycian Way, one of the world’s top 10 longest routes. Stretching 540 km, this trail is a journey through history, with numerous ancient cities along the way. Situated between Fethiye and Antalya, it’s a must-visit for adventurers.

Pinara Ancient City

This ancient city takes its name from the Lycian word “Pinara,” which means round. Despite being heavily damaged by earthquakes, you can still see its worth-visiting structures like baths and a theater. According to mythology, it was one of the six important Lycian cities with three votes in the period. Also, make sure your phone is fully charged when visiting this ancient city, as there are plenty of beautiful sights to experience.

Sidyma Ancient City

At the entrance of the city, you’ll be greeted by high monumental tombs and magnificently decorated columns. Despite being a settlement area nearby, nature has taken over this city. I would like to emphasize that you will encounter temples dedicated to Lycian gods, large rock tombs, and walls in this city.

Xanthos (Ksantos) Ancient City

Since Xanthos has witnessed many wars throughout history, there are not many structures left today. Most of the artifacts from here are exhibited in the British Museum. This ancient city awaits you with a few remaining sarcophagi, a theater, and a church.

Pydnai Ancient City

Located west of the world-famous Patara Beach, this city contains a small piece of wall that has survived to this day. The city is situated on a small hill.

Letoon Ancient City

This city, founded in honor of Leto, who was impregnated by Zeus according to mythology, is located in the center. It has three temples. The theater from the Hellenistic Period inside is one of the rare structures that have survived to this day.

Antiphellos Ancient City

Since Kaş is built on top of this ancient city, there are not many structures that have survived to this day. One of the most important structures in this ancient city is a sarcophagus made of a single block. You can also see the ancient theater here.

Phellos Ancient City

This city is considered a defensive city, and the waters surrounding its acropolis are among the structures that must be seen.

Apolonia Ancient City

The city, built on the Kekova road, is located on a rock formation resembling the letter L. There is a Byzantine church in some of the surviving walls. Besides, one of the most interesting and must-see structures is a tomb monument with 6 prism-shaped bodies, a bathhouse, and a theater.

Aperial Ancient City

The ruins of this city are located at the tip of a hill descending towards the sea. And you can experience these ruins on a holiday by sea. There are silver coins written in the Lycian language in this city. Although the city’s quay is submerged, seeing these structures from the sea will enchant you.

Simena Ancient City

Located in Kaleköy between Kaş and Finike. Its castle is still standing today. There are also rock tombs submerged underwater here. Access to this place is only possible by sea. Due to earthquakes, half of this city is underwater, and the other half is above water.

Olympos Ancient City

The name Olympos means high mountain in Anatolian languages. Thanks to the Akçay river that passes through the middle of this ancient city, it divides the city in two and turns it into a port city. This city is very popular among many vacationers. Our favorite part, especially, is seeing the perfect transition from green to blue.

In short, we can say that the Lycian Way is a magnificent harmony of nature and history. On this route where you will experience a flawless transition from green to blue, historical structures await you. If you prefer the blue cruise sea route like us, please click here.

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