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Summer is our favorite; it is easy and fun. Summer is young and restless.

Every year by the end of the summer season, it is the the right time for all gulets to start up for a makeover.

How about when the charter yacht Turkey season is over?  What do all those people do? Do they keep the gulet as it is or is it a whole different story to tell?

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism ‘s statistics of 2017 for Mugla ports which include Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Göcek, Datca ports welcome approximately 2500 private and commercial yachts. And the numbers are rising every year.

All those yachts and gulets have a long and devoted grooming period. Let’s have a close look at how is the grooming for a gulet.

In the Aegean part of Turkey, gulet season starts by May and ends by October the most so that preparation period for the season is just the opposite the calendar of it.

Once everyone disembarks the vessel and the season ends, the crew starts to get ready for winter. It may seem eccentric but you cannot just lock the pantries and leave gulet at port all by herself.

Every year yachts and gulets need to get something maintained partially or from head to foot.

There is some reason for all these preparations. First of all, seawater has no mercy and corrosion is one of the biggest enemies of yachts and gulets. It means that almost all the external parts will be affected by weather conditions. To reduce the negative impacts of the conditions yacht owners and crew work as hard as they do on the season.

After taking inventory, packing and storing all the related equipment. This is the time for a makeover. Every year there are new trends to be followed. Even though luxury gulets have an authentic appearance they still need to be kept updated in some other way.

As you see it is all year long, full-time work and effort to give you only the best but nothing. After all these efforts, pain and sweat, it is a great pleasure to see happy guests, just indescribable by words.

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