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There are many selections for yacht tourism. Whether it is a Turkish gullet you are seeking to rent, a luxury motor yacht or a sailing yacht in the Mediterranean, Turkey offers it all and more. Your family yacht charter holidays can be well spent on board a Turkish gulet. This is so, with a group of friends as well. There are countless ways to have your yacht vacation planned and organized.

Gulet Charter

Traditional design two or three-masted wooden sailing vessel from the southwestern coast of Turkey

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Find a space that suits you and your work.

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Find a space that suits you and your work.

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Find a space that suits you and your work.

Yacht Charter

An ideal way to begin your planning for an ideal yacht charter get-a-way is to follow a list of items, which in turn will help your yacht charter agent prepare your options. How many will be in your group? What is the age, group? With these two points, not only will it help in finding the right sized yacht, but it will also establish the type of beds or cabins that will be ideal for accommodation. While some guests do not mind sleeping in the same double bed, others might prefer to be in the same cabin, but sleep in separate beds.

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breakfast on k mehmet bugra gulet

For blue cruise, there are three coastal airports that serve each region. If you are planning on flying into Dalaman International airport, your embarkation will be to either Gocek, Fethiye or Marmaris. Should you prefer to fly to the Milas airport, then your port of departure will be Bodrum. Subsequently, for Mediterranean yacht charters out of Antalya, then the Antalya International airport is the place to land. With some companies, including yachtsngulets.com, airport transfers, to and from, are included in the yacht charter price.

The Aegean yacht charter holidays in Turkey are popular from Bodrum and Marmaris. Due to the proximity to the Greek Islands in the Dodecanese, Cyclades, and being able to travel further in your yacht holiday to the Sporades and Ionian islands, makes it all the more tempting to embark from these harbors. However this, of course, is a personal choice – but still quite popular in general.

During your yacht vacation, activities are at the top of the list of things to do, especially if you love water sports and also have children with you. The sea is as big a swimming pool as you’re going to get. Therefore there are countless ways to have fun in the water. Many Turkish yacht charters will have available the standard water toys such as kayaks, fishing gear, snorkels, masks, and flippers. Alternatively, you can choose to hire jet skis, water skis, banana boat, and Ringo rides from the bay you drop anchor at. In addition, should you prefer a luxury gulet charter in the deluxe, ultra deluxe and VIP classes, you may find that these boats have them on board, where you only pay for the fuel you use

When you decide on a yacht charter, you may wish to go on land excursions. These can be on the spot trips where you decide when you get to your destination or have it planned and organized before your arrival. Ideas such as bike trips for a few days out of your week-long yacht cruise, or hiking tours, can be set up to combine the routes on land with your yacht charter routes. Such trips are best done before your arrival as they do cost extra for the guide and other items needed to make the trip happen. On the other hand, you can combine your yacht charters from Turkey with a one-week yacht cruise only followed by a one-week biking or hiking tour.

Yacht Charter Prices

Another note to keep in mind is that all private yacht holidays in Turkey are crewed yacht charters. Whether 2 or more crew members are available to serve you around the clock. Yacht charter prices vary based on a variety of facts. However, booking early or in advance may provide benefits in saving on your holiday. The choices are clear – you can either choose to enjoy your yacht holidays in Turkey or do the Greece vacation idea or simply combine both to discover a superb and fun-filled holidaying experience at sea!