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Week Long Sailing : Turkish Style

It may be apparent that when we think of sailing, the first type of boats that come to most people’s minds are bareboats – as the general population of these types of vessels are global. Now when we turn over to the Eastern Mediterranean, and think of sailing, if you haven’t been on this side of the world before, you might tend to think – bareboats again. Ah but think again. A unique and popular sailing charter vessel in the Eastern Med are ‘gulets’. It’s a Turkish style of wooden boat that is available for chartering for a week or more during the vacation season.

Ayaz gulet based in Bodrum

So if you’re pondering the thought of hiring a boat charter along the turquoise coast, perhaps consider one that is going to offer you a part of the historical culture of Turkey. Although gulets aren’t necessarily aimed solely for sailing but rather for motoring; there are gulet boat charters which offer the full sailing experience.

I also wanted to add to the explanation of “Turkish style” by saying that many Turkish tourists who come to holiday along the southern coast to hire a gulet, do not necessarily expect sailing during their travels. Families charter the gulets generally for the purpose of having some fun in the sea, eating plenty of fresh foods (possibly quite frequently), lazing under the sun on deck, and definitely expect the on board barbeques.  There’s nothing more enjoyable than having a barbeque on a boat – especially “Turkish style”.  Other than these expectations and cleanliness of the boats; seeing some Greek Islands, or other coastal villages for the occasional dining ashore scene – that is about it.

Aura Captain Ulas BBQing

It’s possibly the best way to just hang out and experience a Turkish boat charter holiday like the local tourists do – no stress, plenty of fun and fresh foods. 🙂

Once again, gulet sailing is definitely possible, and available on certain gulets to get the feel for that style of boating. However for the most part in chartering gulets, whether by local or foreign tourists – the concept has been geared for pure relaxation, gastronomy, and sightseeing …or doing nothing at all but enjoy the scenery each destination offers.



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