A Classic Marmaris Blue Cruise With A Few Stops Off The Beat And Path

The region of Marmaris is a genuine pot of gold when it comes to places to visit nearby. You don’t need to travel far in order to enjoy a fulfilling holiday in Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean seas. Although it is not quite often mentioned during blue cruise travels, this region offers a complete different way of life.  The villages in the surrounding areas present a unique scenery; surrounded by lush green pine forests, eucalyptus trees, various medicinal plants, hidden coves so private and quite that you can hear the soft waves of the sea during the early morning and late night hours.

A bit of peace and quite in the little bays of the villages near Marmaris Marmaris blue cruise to Turgut bay

These splendid and traditional villages aren’t necessarily pointed out on a map during the process of holiday bookings. They are the type of places that generally your captain would tend to choose to visit for you to enjoy an actual private yacht charter Turkey vacation with your group.  Since village life is lived without the traffic of mass tourism, you can be certain that a visit into the town or village center will draw a lot of attention and become an interesting little venture. It can also offer the best authentic photos that you can take of real village life.

A lovely elderly lady – local villager Village road that leads to the bay

One such village that can entail a few places of interest during your anchorage in a bay is Turgut. A small, quiet little town. It’s main source of income is during the summer when local tourists from around Turkey come to stay in little apart hotels to enjoy a bit of R & R. The village center is so small that if you wink, you might miss it, kind-of-deal. You know you’re in the center when you see the local village head office (muhtarlik) by the mosque.

Local ‘muhtarlik’ by the village mosque with the tea garden Local villager with his ox in the village center Local village goat with a smile

If you sit in the village cafe – which is also a corner market, and people watch, it is interesting to see not only the local villagers but also the local village wildlife (such as sheeps and ox).  Should your visit fall on a Sunday, you can have a look-see in the local bazar that runs off of trucks that open up the side panels and the vendors dress their crates with items that they are offering.

The Turgut weekly bazaar and market

How can you visit Turgut by sea? You begin your gulet cruise holiday from the Marmaris harbor. The itinerary to choose would be the Marmaris – Hisaronu – Marmaris route. At around the 3rd or 4th day of your journey, you should reach Turgut village. While there will be breathtaking anchorage point along the way. 🙂

Other places of interest in Turgut is the handmade Turkish carpet factory. Turgut is quite well known for its carpets and rugs. It is within walking distance from the village center – about a 5 – 10 minute walk.

Part of the Turgut waterfalls

With a bit more traveling, another beautiful place is the Turgut waterfalls. The surroundings are lovely. There is also a little cafe where you can sit and enjoy a glass of Turkish tea. However, don’t expect Niagara Falls as the Turgut waterfalls is quite small in the volume of water that falls from the top, but it does stretch a good distance along the a scenic foot path to get to it.

One of the panoramic views from the hilltops of Turgut village – overlooking the village of Selimiye

Last but possibly not least. If you are up to a good hike, it is worth a trek up the hills to view some ancient ruins of a castle and its wall from the peak. That aside, the views are more panoramic than you would expect. Along the way you can capture great shots of its nature. However once you reach the top, …well let’s just say that it might leave you breathless – not literally of course.

Gulet charter stopover in Turgut village for a refreshing swim

Oh yes, a lovely swim at the beach (a bit pebbly by the shore) might be a great way to end the day in Turgut village – especially if you choose to hike up to the hilltops.

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