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Our Testimonials

Please read our clients testimonials in page! Latest reviews, tour ideas and more. Thank you for these amazing words!

Dear Baris,

We had a fantastic time on the Royal RTT; the boat was in excellent shape, clean and well maintained. The best part of the experience was the staff; Fatma the chef was absolutely fantastic and creative and her meals were out of this world but with a local flavour. She prepared different dishes and all were delicious. Deniz was a great host helping us with everything we needed and making sure were were happy and safe the entire time. The captain was excellent as well and made sure we had well protected areas to spend the evening and shuttled us back and forth as needed. All of the staff were professional, courteous and a real pleasure to be around. Without them we don’t know that we would have enjoyed the experience as much.

We would love to book another trip with your company possibly further north where we understand there is more to see and more seclusion.
Thank you very much for all your responsiveness and information.
We had an unforgettable trip thanks to you and your team.

by Rob, Royal RTT, Turkey

Good morning Baris
Prenses ESILA Tour was a good expérience for all of us.
Captain Mehmet was very attentive and tried to please to everyone regarding our stops, all demands were satisfied.
Food was excellent, healthy and light for me, varied and fresh for the rest of the group. We appreciated the afternoon tea Time snack from the chef it was delicious each Time.
Kamel, burak and yusuf were extremely professional and discreet onboard.
Nissa 🙂 a quite noisy but did her best 🙂
I Thank all the crew for their welcome, we felt like home !
Comfort and Space for 12 persons : great !
Cleanless : good !
To improve the confort of the boat : I suggest a better air conditionner system, the actual is noisy and affected some guests sleep confort…
Another small detail : maybe two pillows per person would be great for confort and more luxury expérience…
For tips of the end of the trip, we agreed about an amount, it dépended on all the group…
I would like to Thank you for your service!
Kind regards

by Fatma, Prenses Esila, Turkey

Dear Baris,
I also hope you are well. Thank you very much for your interest.
The week has been fantastic. We have been very comfortable, the food great, the crew fantastic, they have been very kind friendly and attentive at all times. It's been a truly unforgettable vacation.
Thank you again for your interest and professionalism.
Best regards,

by Estefania, Prenses Bugce, Turkey

During the trip: "Hi Yasmin, we are having a fantastic trip. Everyone says it was the best holiday they have had!" --- After the trip: "Thank you Yasmin for arranging everything - we all had an amazing trip. Everyone was very happy and the crew were fantastic."

by K.B. UK, K. Mehmet Bugra, Turkey

The 4* gulet was overall excellent, food was wonderful. The change of sheets during the week was very pleasing. The crew was excellent and responsible in large measure for the enjoyment we experienced. The cabins were tidied with great care and there was always a crew member to insist on hanging the towels or swimsuits for us. Overall your agency acted very professionally and with a generous spirit. Your being always available on the phone and speaking fluent English (all be it with an American accent) is an enormous advantage.The hostess who Works for your agency is a great asset. Overall I thank you very much and as previously mentioned I will write you in the next few weeks about our intended trip next year.

by A.H. Australia, Mehmet Bugra

Just to let you know that we had a fantastic time in the Cobra King. Everything was magnific (boat, crew, and specially food!!!!).Best and thanks for everything.

by Sebastian Agentina/Switzerland/France, Cobra King

"We've had a lovely time. Sad to be leaving soon. The staff is really fabulous, especially Deniz and Rahan. Thank you so much. It was enjoyable to work with you."

by L. Richker, USA , S. Dogu Gulet

Here we are back to Italy after a nice week in the Bodrum peninsula. Just few words to tell you that we had a beautiful week on the gulet. The boat was very comfortable but even more important the crew very pleasant and professional. They were always willing to please us with a positive attitude. The hostess was super and also the chef was very good, every member of the crew was. Thank you for the jet ski , I must say that the water toys make a great different when you travel with the children! We might consider to re do the experience next year.

by V.B. Italy, Mehmet Bugra

I do want to tell you about our wonderful voyage on the Gulet Mehmet Bugra. Let's just start off saying this was a trip of a lifetime for everyone. As you know, when you take a vacation you have expectations that are not always met. However, this is the one vacation that not only met our group's expectations but over and beyond anything we imagined!! First let's talk about the amazing boat. It is absolutely beautiful and spacious. We weren't sure with 16 people if we would feel a little crowded which turned out to be never the case. There was plenty of room and the cabins were spacious with their own bathrooms. The crew also kept the boat very clean during our cruise. We also had so much fun with the speed boat and the water toys that I would highly recommend having these on board for the kids.Now let's talk about the amazing staff. They were attentive but let us do "literally" what ever we wanted. They never said "no" once to any of our demands! The captain was always professional and approachable but also could have fun with us in the evening. We trusted him and his staff fully to make the right decisions during our voyage. He was flexible in the route we would go to. We went to amazing places and dropped anchor in the most beautiful private coves. Our itinerary was great because we would travel in the early morning to our destination, drop anchor and have breakfast around 10:00 then we would swim all day and do the speed boat and then we would go to the marina. We would either eat on the island at a restaurant or we would eat on the boat. We had 2 dinners on the boat and the rest in the towns. Our most memorable and fun nights were on the boat! Seriously, the best time we have ever had.The transportation to and from the hotel to the boat was perfect. Honestly, not a detail was missed by Mirya Yachting or the staff on the Gulet Mehmet Bugra.Thank you for a wonderful vacation!! We hope to do it again when my son graduates from high school!

by The Onuscheck Family U.S.A., Mehmet Bugra

Hi Yasmin! How are you? I hope all is well as you are wrapping up your summer! I am writing you in regards to our charter with La Finale. I can whole-heartedly say that sailing the Greek islands was an experience of a lifetime, and I know that my 9 friends would agree. We went into this trip not exactly knowing what to expect, and ended with more love in our hearts then we would ever had expected. I know they would also agree with me when I say that this would not be possible without the crew. Muammer, Leo, Tuna, and Onur were very accommodating. From the first moment we met them upon embarking in Bodrum, to our tearful goodbye in Mykonos, we not only appreciated everything they did for us but thoroughly enjoyed their company. We did not see them as our crew at the end, but as friends. We felt safe the entire week, and enjoyed every meal that Tuna prepared for us. The beaches that they brought us to were breathtaking, and you practically had to drag us off La Finale when we would dock on an island. Our time on the Gulet was just as precious if not more than our time spent exploring the islands. Thank you again for making this possible, and I'm sure we will be doing business again soon. Until then, take care! Rachel.

by R.T. U.S.A., La Finale, Turkey/Greece

Hi Yasmin, Good to hear from you! We are thrilled with everything! The boat is stunning and exceeded our expectations, the crew are lovely and the itinerary is perfect! What more could we ask?! Thank you for setting everything up and we'll be in touch at the end. Cheers, Ian

by I.F. UK, Carpe Diem 7, Croatia

We have had the most wonderful week on The Queen of Karia. The crew have been brilliant and the food excellent. All in all a very successful holiday and we are sad to leave the boat. "Best wishes,

by Victoria UK, Queen of Karia

"The feedback to the gulet holiday is: ...all the 8 men had never, n e v e r !!! a so relaxed holidays before :-)))The crew was very obliging, the food (the cook very good) so delicious and we had so much fun...And the organisation/management was very good - the transfer to göcek, to the boat, the welcome from the manager and the captain and last but not least your nice and helping way!!!many thanks for all and I hope to see you soon..."

by H. Prast Germany, Asensena gulet

Amazing!!! The Angelica, the crew and the places are more than perfect!

by D.O. Buenos Aires, Angelica, Croatia

Everything is perfect, also the captain and the crew are very nice and professional... the boat is very beautiful and in perfect condition.

by C.B. Germany, Angelica, Croatia

"...The holiday was for all of us far over our expectations and we were all very pleased with the yacht, the kindness of the crew and the chef who really fulfilled all our wishes.We also agreed with captain-owner our routing every day, which was a big advantage.This holiday was for all of us a very special and unforgettable endeavor. Thanks for your recommendation."

by J. Widmer, Switzerland , Navilux yacht

I would like to thank you for great organization of our vacation. We spent a great time on the ship. Everything was great. The captain and the crew were great too. I hope we will repeat it next year.

by Vladimir, Serbia , Aegean Clipper Gulet

We had a fantastic time on Alba. The staff were great , food outstanding , and the travel experience to the northern islands was truly memorable . It's our best gulet trip so far . We have told the crew how much we enjoyed it and appreciated their attention and service. I will send you a group photo when I can.

by P. D. Australia, Alba gulet, Croatia

Thank you! We are being so spoiled and our family is in 7th heaven! Wishing you well...

by Janneke, Max and Family Switzerland, Alba gulet, Croatia

The boat and the crew were amazing! Nothing to say other than it was fantastic! Thank you.

by E.K. Australia, Blue Eyes, Croatia

Hello Yasmin, Thank you so much for helping us with booking Blue Eyes... we absolutely loved our trip! She is a fantastic boat, the crew were so lovely and we loved Croatia! It couldn't have been a nicer holiday. We are hoping to book her again next year... I believe she'll be in Turkey again? Thanks again!

by K.W. Australia, Blue Eyes, Croatia

Hi Everyone, I hope that you are all keeping well. Attached is a lovely photo that we took of our entire group on the last night in Bodrum. I would just like to say a few words of thanks to all of you for making this such a Special Trip for all of us – Unforgettable !!!!!! Yasmin, your efficiency, enthusiasm, organisation, open friendliness and Beautiful Smile was a great bonus to all of us in the organisation of our week. You made it very easy for us from the start and for that we are truly grateful. Hopefully you will come and visit us in South Africa one day !!! Aisha – Wow, what an awesome Hostess. I don’t think that there is a better one out there. Yasmin, you were so correct when you told us about Aisha and how lucky we were to have her on board. Her efficiency, Gorgeous Smile, tireless nature, larger than life personality and ability to get on with all types of personality was Amazing. However, her sweet loving, patient and fun nature with the children was phenomenal. I have never seen so many kids in such a small environment be so at ease and have so much fun. Between Aisha and Conti they really entertained and loved our kids as their own. A great attribute in any person. I am of the belief that I always trust my children’s instincts with people – well they are both obviously Fantastic Souls. Please let Aisha know that “Grumpy is missing his Doo Doo’s ( Sleeps ) on the Boat” !!!!!!!!!!! Conti – what a lovely, sweet natured young lady. Nothing was ever too much trouble, even the language barrier did not stop this young lady from assisting, caring for the kids or sorting one of the Big Baby Adults out. Everything she did was done quietly, efficiently and without a big fuss. Her ability with the children as I said above was also Phenomenal. Her job was done so quietly, quickly and efficiently. KaptanSuleyman – What an amazing man, so gracious, quiet and efficient. He really knows his seas and ensured that we were always in a great position and never missed anything important. His kindness and patience with the children and their rides was fantastic. In particular, my Joshua had him working hard at getting him up on the wakeboard and ski’s behind the boat. Never once getting irritated but always with a Huge, Patient Smile. Thank you for that !!! Henry remarked to me after our Tube Ride that it was ‘The best ride ever” – made me even cry ! Ferdi&Ozi – What quiet, gentle souls. Never faltering at their job and managing to do it all around us lounging around without getting in our way when we were for certain in theirs. Never a complaint though ! Also both very patient with a very loud and boisterous bunch, getting us to a fro in the boats which was no easy task with us lot. It was probably like trying to herd a 100 goats which I think would have been easier for them. All the while though, with a big, patient, gentleman like assistance and smile on their faces. Their wonderful nature did not go unnoticed with the children who loved playing soccer with them – Thank you. Hayri – Wow, what Delicious Food. I ate things that I never thought I would ever eat with absolute Gusto. Needless to say my Scale at home reflects how much I ate – it was all worth it though. His efforts ( which were very successful ) to cater for all ages was greatly appreciated and noticed by all of us. None of us were hungry at any point. In fact it was a case of when is the next meal ? Rebecca and I are still missing our morning group breakfast Chowdown, Chat and Fried Eggs !!! We cannot wait to have our Turkey reunion lunch whereby we are all going to cook 2 Turkish Dishes. Will send photo’s for Hayri to witness. We will hopefully do him proud. In conclusion, I would like to say a very Big Thank You to everyone involved for their kindness, patience, wonderful smiles and just generally Wonderful Natures. We were never, uncomfortable at any point and the staff managed to do a very difficult job within a confined space without ever interfering with any of us or our fun. Even though our language were different it never became a barrier, everything was worked out quickly and efficiently – very impressive. Wishing you all the best.

by Angela, Bradley, Jessica and Joshua South Africa, Mehmet Bugra

Group Leader:"What an unbelievable 3 days… In our group of 16 we couldn't have been any happier. Most of us had never been to Turkey before let alone a 90 foot gullet; all of our expectations have been greatly exceeded. The scenery in this part of Turkey is nothing short of spectacular, the Grand Acar is the perfect gullet for a group of 16 and we feel like we've been treated like kings. Captain Ahmed and his crew were the perfect hosts, making our short break as relaxed as it could possibly be.Other than that our representative Yasmin and the team have been superb. They are super efficient, very friendly and so well managed that the whole holiday happened seamlessly from the moment of booking to the moment we were dropped back off at the airport. There is no doubt we'll be back for another holiday here, we're already talking about datesMassive thanks to everyone; and on the boat to Ahmed, Ahmed, Mahmed and Mohammad. You're all superstars!"Thank you, Oli / UKThe Groom:"Wow, what a fantastic three days!I couldn't have asked for a better trip, it was an incredible surprise and a huge thank you to everyone for making it such an unforgettable last weekend of bachelorhood with my closest friends. We would all love to come back again in the future maybe with some girls this time!"

by Alex UK, Grand Acar

Hello Yasmin. Just to let you know Morning Star had been nothing short of exceptional. Amazing boat. Superb crew. Incredible food. And Croatia is just breathtakingly beautiful. Thanks for convincing us to take her. We're halfway through what is an unbelievable week. Think we'll be back next year 🙂

by S.S. South Africa, Morning Star, Croatia

A Dutch family that enjoyed every single minute of their vacation.Our representative received a call with a request for a charter within 4 days. We almost gave her a burnout with all our calls and request but she handled outstanding.Everything was arranged perfect. Our representative Yasmin contacted us several times during the week to make sure we are getting pampered to the max. Unfortunately we never got the chance to meet her.When we arrived on the S. Dogu we were amazed about her condition. She was beautiful. The crew was very nice even though they had a terrible trip to come down to Rhodes (Greece) to pick us up, due to the short booking time.In the beginning the crew gave us a lot of space and they were pretty timid. But we are Dutch so the more people the more joy.We planned our trip going up north to Symi, Bozburun, Datca and back to Rhodes. We stopped at all nice quiet waters in between to have our breakfast, lunch and dinners. The chef very good. We requested a mix of French and local cuisine and he did magnificent.The island Symi is breathtaking, the small shops and restaurants in the historical town. We arrived in the morning, rented a few scooters and explored the island. A must!!Again we really enjoyed.The only comment is that if you are really into privacy and no disturbance, it will be hard because the S. Dogu is a boat without much crew areas so you will see the crew around you most of the time. But like I said, we are Dutch!

by Fam Toekan Netherlands, S. Dogu Gulet

We enjoyed a Perfect time on a Prenses Bugce. The crew was fantastic and offered us a trip which we will never forget! We decided a combination of Turkish coast and Greek Islands. Turkish coasts is a bit more quiet with less boats on your route. And our 7 children on boat, spend beautiful time with boat’s water toys everyday. We want to thank once again the beautiful comfortable prenses Bugce as well as its amazing crew for offering us the fantastic holiday. We enjoyed on board. We hope to be back soon 🙂

by Arthur Prenses Bugce Gulet 2019

Thank you to crew for a wonderful holiday!! Everyone was super friendly and fun to spend time with the food was incredible and there was so much of it thanks to great cook!! Thanks for everything, hopefully we will see you again soon!

Prenses Bugce Gulet 2019

My friends this holiday was just …. Amazing!!
I will never forget it. Thanks for your help meating everything comfortable and nice!
Best regards from Florence.
Mr. Mandolini

Mr. Mandolini Prenses Bugce Gulet

Kan, Mehmet, Ercan, Murat and hadije (the cook) thank you for everything. You did for us this week. We had an amazing time and I hope we will see each other soon.
Love xx Maria

Ms. Maria Prenses Bugce Gulet

Thank you to a wonderful crew ! I had an incredible holiday on the boat thank you Adije for delicious food, Ercan for the beautiful bays, Mehmet Murat for the tender trips and games and Kaan for all your funny jokes + playing with us. I hope to see you soon, much love.
Ashani xoxo

Ashani Family Prenses Bugce Gulet 2020

The pleasure for the 2nd time to spend a week on board of wonderful Prenses Bugce as last year. We had a fantastic time. Good food, a lot of water sports. Fantastic service from understanding captain and his crew. We look for plan to next trip on board of the lovely Prenses Bugce.
Family Axel and Family Dimitri

Family Axel and Family Dimitri Prenses Bugce Gulet 2020

We had a great experience overall. The Gulet was amazing, comfortable the crew incredible nice and willing the food great. Cruising Turkey is unique. We loved our first visit to your great country and the trip with Prenses Bugce. Hope to come back soon!!!

Prenses Bugce Gulet 2019