Classic and Aged or Brand Spanking New?

When you mention yacht charter in Turkey, for many, the first kind of yacht that comes to mind are gulets. Probably because motor yachts are not as high in numbers as other European countries – or as established in the charter sector. But that’s ok! Gulets are one of the thousands of reasons which make […]

Chartering a Turkish Gulet. What’s Your Favorite Blue Cruise Dish?

If you love fresh foods and barbeques, then you can expect it on board Turkish gulets. Aah the fresh sea air, hot Mediterranean sun, a big wooden boat all to yourselves, beautiful crystal clear waters and amazing scenery. You drop anchor pretty much where you want to. Sleep, swim, scout, shop, dine, drink – when […]

What Do We Do When It’s Not Saturdays During Yacht Charter Season

We love inputting information into our minds about our industry, our local market and brainstorming on how we can better our services to our devoted and new clients. When we’re not at our desks in the office working on bookings, and planning yacht holidays for our clients, as well as other office work; we’re outside. […]

Great Turkish Boat Charter Ideas

There are so many options to consider in chartering a boat from Turkey or even Greece. But it’s not just about the boat. There are also numerous ways to explore the Eastern Mediterranean by combining other types of activities with your sailing holidays. Sure! There is plenty. Take for instance added choices such as yoga, biking, diving, […]

Top 5 Reasons to Charter a Gulet in Turkey

Southern Turkey is a holiday region made for the true gulet charter many of us have enjoyed for over the last 2 decades. A vacation style that originated in Turkey and spread as far as North America and Mexico. Turkish gulets are chartered in a variety of European countries.  If you have never seen or been […]

Sail in Turkey, Start in Greece! Here’s an Easy Solution, a Great Idea!

If you have your heart set on a sail in Turkey; yet undecided to fly into any of the airports then transfer to a coastal airport. There is a simple and easy solution. With Turkey’s Greek neighbors nearby the coastal waters, travelers can enjoy the amazing turquoise coast still. All they need to do is either […]

It is so much more beautiful on this side

The destinations on the turquoise coast are virgin and lush green. The waters are so unbelievable in the many shades of blue. It is very little in the way of commercialized appearances unlike other holiday destinations, packed with concrete and overcrowed bays. Here are two excellent videos by Turkey.Home and Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and […]

What does the Capacity Restriction for Turkish Gulets in Greece Islands Mean?

There are hundreds of Turkish gulets chartered which travel in the Greek Islands each year.  The most common and often visited are the nearby group of islands in the Dodecanese; such as Rhodes, Kos, Symi, etc.  Some itineraries combine the Greek Islands with Turkey’s impressive coastline. While other routes just sail in Greece. There are […]

Gulet Holidays: The Where’s How’s and What’s

Planning a Gulet Cruise Another new season of gulets cruising the magnificent waters of the Mediterranean is ahead. So many places to see and things to do. You will find a plethora of breathtaking scenic treasures to explore, discover the luxury of pure bliss and pampering.  Let us not forget the ever-so-tasty Mediterranean cuisine from […]

Blue Cruise Private Charters: 52 Routes 2 Countries

Whether it’s a blue cruise in Turkey, a gulet charter holiday in Greece; there are more than 52 combinations between both countries to discover the magical journey of a blue voyage travel. Travelers can cruise the waters of the Turkish Aegean or Mediterranean, or diversify with a combination of the impressive Greek Islands while enjoying […]

How to Rent a Yacht or Gulet in Turkey

A Step by Step Guide for a Private Yacht Charter in Turkey Listed below are the basic steps in chartering a yacht through our company.  For additional information, you are more than welcome to contact us directly by phone, email, or fill out the form located at the bottom of the page. One of our […]

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