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Would You Go On A Small Cruise Boat Instead Of A Cruise Ship?

You may have had the opportunity to cruise on a big ship with the many amenities the ship has to offer for an ultimately relaxing holiday at sea.  However should you feel that you may like to try something of smaller scale… much smaller scale. A small ship such as a gulet offers a what […]

Top 10 Single Family Boat Charter Choices for Turkey and Greece

One of the common reasons that families planning a boat holiday postpone their trip, or decide not to do it, is getting that second family to join them. It can be easier to book with another family as the costs go down, and the kids have more friends to play with. Alternatively there are boats, […]

Your Gulet Charter Trip, Visiting Dalyan and Ancient Caunos

How wonderful it is to go on a private gulet trip for a week! There are so many choices in itineraries. There is also the freedom to explore on land as well.  It’s a holiday combining the best of a private yacht holiday in the Eastern Mediterranean and the ancient wonders of Southern Turkey. One […]

Greece Charter Yacht 42m Iraklis Defines Premium Quality Accommodation At Sea

World renown holiday destination, a prime region of the globe for the most enjoyable high quality holidays, the Greek Islands have preserved its allurement for decades. Among the many islands, travelers can find everything they are looking for in a good quality, entertaining and relaxing way to spend their vacations each year. For the more […]

Bodrum Gulet Charter With Home Style Appeal For Eight

Embarking from Bodrum on a private gulet charter is one of the most popular starts to a very enjoyable blue cruise charter holiday. The harbor is located approximately 40 minutes from the Milas Airport, with domestic flight connection possibilities from Istanbul is possible. The harbor is landmarked with the ancient St. Peter’s castle and the […]

Darling Dama and Private Boat Charter Diving Trips in Croatia

The owner is a diving instructor. He knows the waters, all the bays, coves, and diving spots like the back of his hand. Dama is the name of his boat and he loves to cruise the beautiful waters of the Adriatic. Yes, the Dama is a darling boat and a great size for family boating […]

Best Ports To Start A Charter Yacht Holiday In Turkey

Are there really the ‘best ports’ per say in Southern Turkey to charter a yacht from? Not really. The best port is all dependant on what you and your group’s expectations are in places to see and things to do.  Another reason that a certain harbor could be the best one for you is airport […]

Classic and Aged or Brand Spanking New?

When you mention yacht charter in Turkey, for many, the first kind of yacht that comes to mind are gulets. Probably because motor yachts are not as high in numbers as other European countries – or as established in the charter sector. But that’s ok! Gulets are one of the thousands of reasons which make […]

Have You Met the Queen of Karia?

She measures 35 meters, made from the finest woods, with a classic beauty as she graces the Eastern Mediterranean with her smooth lines and elegance. They’ve named her the Queen of Karia and what a most suitable name it is. How fitting for a Turkish yacht of her style. She cruises along the shores of […]

Chartering a Turkish Gulet. What’s Your Favorite Blue Cruise Dish?

If you love fresh foods and barbeques, then you can expect it on board Turkish gulets. Aah the fresh sea air, hot Mediterranean sun, a big wooden boat all to yourselves, beautiful crystal clear waters and amazing scenery. You drop anchor pretty much where you want to. Sleep, swim, scout, shop, dine, drink – when […]

What Do We Do When It’s Not Saturdays During Yacht Charter Season

We love inputting information into our minds about our industry, our local market and brainstorming on how we can better our services to our devoted and new clients. When we’re not at our desks in the office working on bookings, and planning yacht holidays for our clients, as well as other office work; we’re outside. […]

Gulet Charters : All The More Special To Be In The Mediterranean Sea

Call it romantic, call it adventureous and exciting or simply bliss; there is something about sailing on board a gulet charter that makes it all the more special to be in the Mediterranean sea. Destinations in the many, boasting with historical treasures and interesting places, delicious cuisine, warm and friendly hospitality, water fun activites and […]

Multi Family Mediterranean Boat Charters: Quality Choices in 3 Regions

There are four main ports from where travelers have choices for boat charters in Mediterranean Turkey. These Turkish boats known as gullets, can be chartered from Bodrum (Aegean sea), Marmaris (borderline Aegean/Med), Gocek and Fethiye (Mediterranean).  The Dalaman airport serves the harbors of Marmaris, Gocek and Fethiye. Milas airport serves the Bodrum harbor. As for […]

3 Great Mediterranean Boat Charters for Large Groups in Croatia

Planning an amazing seafaring journey in the Adriatic this season is a wonderful idea. Croatia is a beautiful country with so much to offer visitors. It boasts over a thousand islands and islets but only a select are a part of the itineraries set out by captains – which is more than plenty for your […]

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