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Is It Possible to Charter a Turkish Yacht In Winter?

The season for chartering a Turkish yacht called a gulet starts in mid April and runs until the last week of October. The busiest months which are usually fully booked (popular gulets) is in June, July, August, September as well as October. However not all travelers have the opportunity to take the time off and charter a yacht during these months. Therefore months outside of this set season are requested. Is it possible to find a gulet charter outside of the season?

Not all charter gulets are shored in shipyards and marinas for maintenance when the season ends. There are those which have had a good refit or upkeep from the previous year and stay in the water, moored at the harbor. Should some work need to be done on the boats, the owners usually do them while at the harbor front instead.

In the event a request for a charter is inquired about, these boats – while not many – can be prepared to offer a private yacht charter in November, December, January, and early April. The climate in the Eastern Mediterranean is sometimes unpredictable, but if asked a few weeks in advance for availability, the weather forecast can assist in finding out what the weather may be like during these months and the boat can put together a crew, stock provisions, and set course on any one of the standard blue cruise itineraries.

Now you may ask if it would be possible to go into the water. Well not really as the water temperatures are much cooler during these months. However the cruise itself, providing the weather conditions are favorable (sunny, few clouds), is beautiful. There are a great deal of places that can be visited, while still being able to enjoy the journey filled with stunning scenery. Not all – but most historical places are open all year round.

Dining on deck, stretching out on the sunning mats or lounging chairs is all possible. And the air conditioning that is used to cool guests during the hot months, can also heat guests if needed, during the fall and winter months. Dining is also available in the saloons. It’s like taking a fall cruise ship holiday – only of smaller proportions! You still enjoy the destinations – whether Turkey or Greece – and do most of the things that you would during a summer blue cruise holiday.

So if your heart is set on a private gulet charter in late fall or winter, check the weather forecast, set your travel dates, and choose a gulet charter that suits your requirements. The whole journey is just as beautiful, without going into the waters.

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