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Top 10 Items To Bring On Your Gulet Charter Holidays

Packing for your holidays is important. Although not all holidays require the same items to bring along. Pack light as your luggage can be tiring to carry around as it is and try to use soft luggage (it’s easy to fold up if needed). When it comes to your private charter on a gulet, the list is not long. Afterall you’re at sea and most likely will be spending a good deal of your time in the water and lounging about under the sun and shade – just taking it easy. Here are the top  10 items you could consider to bring with you on your trip.

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Sun screen suitable to your skin type.
  3. Hat
  4. Toothbrush and other personal hygiene products.
  5. Music and/or DVD movies. There is generally an ipod connection via usb available on gulets. But do check in advance.
  6. Flip-flops. This is ideal for wearing on board, since shoes are not allowed while on deck. The deck can get quite hot and hurt your feet so something to avoid burning your feet, would be ideal.
  7. Shampoo for your hair type. Sometimes the gulet charter or your agent will provide this for you. Please check with your agent.
  8. Casual and beach wear such as spare bathing suits to wear while one is drying you can have an extra or two to wear.
  9. Beach towel to use while sunning on deck. Again, some gulets will already provide this. Check to see if you need to bring one.
  10. Camera! 🙂

If you forget any of the above items, there is always a place from where to buy from.

Items that you might wonder whether or not available on board your charter gulet : These items are on nearly all boats.

  • Converters for devices that need charging
  • Sun screen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Shampoo
  • Soap (bath and/or liquid)
  • Music – but you might like your own
  • DVD movies
  • Bath towels
  • Beach towels
  • Internet. On Turkish boats, the signal might not be so good if at all any, when in Greek waters as the wi-fi connection is from Turkish mobile internet. You might have problems around the islands since many and especially the smaller opens are at open seas. This might not be so with the VIP yachts.
  • Satellite TV. This is generally found on gulets in the deluxe or ultra deluxe classes and higher
  • Board games. There aren’t too much of a selection in board games in ‘English’ language in Turkey. Please ask your agent what is available on the boat you have chartered. Choices do vary from one boat to the next.

If you are wondering about what type of clothing to have packed, this is a casual and informal-most-times type of holiday. Comfortable clothes are recommended, unless maybe you wish to dine out at a fine restaurant.

Also when traveling in April to mid May, and 2nd week of September to the end of October, pullovers, fleece / polar / sweater type clothing, perhaps a pair of jeans/pants might be needed since the climate is changing all the time.

English on Board Turkish Gulets; please see here.



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