Combining Luxurious Charter Yachts with Custom tailored holidays in 3 Impressive Destinations of the Eastern Mediterranean.

If you’re looking to hire a luxury yacht charter in Turkey, the islands of Greece, or Croatia; you’ve landed in the right place. At YNG Yachting, we specialize in planning and organizing gulet boat charters from various ports in the Eastern Mediterranean. Together with you, your guests, and the captains, we put together the best possible routes and offer the most ideal and available charter gulets. Our aim is to combine our resources, knowledge and skills so that you and your guests can enjoy the many treasures that Turkish, Greek and Croatian waters and shorelines have to offer.  For when it is over, we hope that you and your guests return home feeling like everyone has had the most amazing times ever!

Charter Boats from CROATIA

Navilux sailing yacht
Gulet Alba Croatia
gulet Rosa
sailing in Croatia on board Libra gulet
Navilux (new build)
LOA 37.3M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 49,000€ /wk
LOA 30M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at 12,000€ /wk
LOA 23.9M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at 30,000€ /wk
LOA 34M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 15,000€ /wk

Charter Boats from BODRUM, Turkey

Kaya Guneri 5 gulet
gulet Kaya Guneri 3
Ayaz gulet Bodrum
Queen of Karia gulet
Kaya Guneri V
LOA 40M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 22,750€ /wk
Kaya Guneri 3
LOA 29M | Cabins 8 | 16 Pax
Starting at 8,400€ /wk
LOA 20,6M | Cabins 4 | 8 Pax
Starting at 4,450€ /wk
Queen of Karia
LOA 35M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at 17,500€ /wk

Charter Boats from MARMARIS, Turkey

K. Mehmet Bugra gulet
Remzi Yilmaz gulet
sailing gulet Berrak Su
S Dogu gulet
K. Mehmet Bugra (new build)
LOA 34M | Cabins 8 | 18 Pax (Greek Islands/Turkey)
Starting at 15,000€ /wk
Remzi Yilmaz
LOA 27M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 7,000€ /wk
Berrak Su
LOA 33M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 12,250€ /wk
S Dogu
LOA 32M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
(good rates)
Ugur 2005 gulet
Ipek A gulet 01
Es Yilmaz Gulet charter
8 Person 4 Cabin Deluxe gulet Aura
Ugur 2005
LOA 31M | Cabins 7 | 14 Pax
(good rates)
Ipek A
LOA 24M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 5,250€ /wk
Es Yilmaz
LOA 29M | Cabins 9 | 18 Pax
(good rates)
LOA 24M | Cabins 4 | 8 Pax
(good rates)

Charter Boats from GOCEK, Turkey

Esma Sultan yacht
Mezcal 2 gulet
Dear Lila gulet
Angelo II yacht
Esma Sultan
LOA 36,7M | Cabins 7 | 16 Pax
Starting at 28,000€ /wk
Mezcal 2 (new build)
LOA 38M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 28,000€ /wk
Dear Lila
LOA 30,6M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 8,400€ /wk
Angelo 2
LOA 35M | Cabins 7 | 14 Pax
Starting at 16,100€ /wk

Charter Boats from FETHIYE, Turkey

Kayhan Kaptan gulet
Kayhan 4 gulet
Kayhan 8 gulet
Duramaz gulet
Kayhan Kaptan
LOA 37M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 18,200€ /wk
Kayhan 4 (new build)
LOA 28,7M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at -€ /wk
Kayhan 8
LOA 30M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at -€ /wk
LOA 30M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at -€ /wk

“Private Yacht Charter Holidays Tailored To Your Style and Standards”

Memorable luxury gulet holidays are precious and designed to meet your requirements in the most suitable way possible.  From large group, new build yachts, and upscale premium yachts; your private yacht charter options are designed for different styles and occasions – designed for you. Contact us today and let us create the start of a memorable and exciting, well planned and organized luxury yacht charter tours for you and your guests!


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