Newly Added Charter Yachts

With our extensive YNG in-house selection of some of the best yachts to charter in the Eastern Med, we do not always have it all online. Periodically we add them to our site, and here are just a few of the latest charter yachts from our portfolio that you might like to see.

Most Popular Boat Charters

Most Popular Boat Charters

A selection of some of the most popular boats chartered.




Popular Routes

What's a sailing holiday without a good route filled with some of the best destinations worth exploring. Itineraries can be flexible. Whether in the Greece islands, Turkey or Croatia, planning your itinerary can be fun. See what we have to offer and lets start planning!

Charter F.A.Q. & F.A.Q. Blog

At YNG Yachting, we are full of information. There are many things that travelers ask about chartering a boat, the routes, and various other subjects. In our F.A.Q. blog, we have based our articles on questions asked by clients and information we like to share.

New Build Gulets to Charter

If you are looking for new gulets and boats to charter; have a look at this selection. Built from year 2010 to 2014 are available to choose from in Southern Turkey and Croatia. It's a nice change from chartering a boat that has undergone a refit.

Gulet Charter Quick Tips

For the most part, booking a gulet charter is quite simple. Most of the things that you need to know are already known by most travelers. However for those who are curious on a few quick tips to help you  get started with your holiday planning, here they are.


Combining Luxury Turkish Gulets, Custom tailored holidays in 3 Impressive Destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean. Where will you be in 2015?

If you’re looking to hire a luxury yacht charter in Turkey, the islands of Greece, or Croatia; you’ve landed in the right place. At YNG Yachting, we specialize in planning and organizing gulet boat charters from various ports in the Eastern Mediterranean. Together with you, your guests, and the captains, we put together the best possible routes and offer the most ideal and available charter gulets. Our aim is to combine our resources, knowledge and skills so that you and your guests can enjoy the many treasures that Turkish, Greek and Croatian waters and shorelines have to offer.  For when it is over, we hope that you and your guests return home feeling like everyone has had the most amazing times ever. Contact us today and let us create the start of a memorable and exciting, well planned and organized luxury yacht charter tours for you and your guests!

Bodrum Top Boat Charter Picks for 2015

Fethiye Top Boat Charter Picks for 2015

hottest blue cruise destination in 2015

“Private Yacht Charter Holidays Tailored To Your Style and Standards”

Memorable luxury gulet holidays are precious and designed to meet your requirements in the most suitable way possible.  From large group, new build yachts, and upscale premium yachts; your private yacht charter options are designed for different styles and occasions – designed for you.


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Custom Quote for Yacht Charter Holidays

If you are looking for some ideas or information on your yacht charter holidays, and need a bit of assistance, contact us for a customized quote today!

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