Luxury Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean

Whether it’s a private gulet hire or a luxury motor yacht charter, offers a good selection of boats for all budgets. Our boat rentals are availabl6e from popular ports in Greece, Turkey, Spain as well as Croatia.  Nearly all of the gulets are based in Turkey. Depending on the gulet schedule may be delivered to nearby Greek islands such as Rhodes and Kos.  You may not find gulets based in ports such as Santorini and Mykonos.  However there are a few gulet boats that are available in the Ionian sea from Corfu.  Motor boats for hire are available from the Balearic Island of Ibiza.  Visit or revisit the Spanish islands this summer with your family and friends.

When it comes to gulets in Croatia, the selection is very limited and as such book up very early – perhaps as early as a year in advance. Therefore if your heart is set on exploring the Dalmatian coast via gulet, think about concluding your booking early enough to get a good selection from a limited supply.

Blue Cruise Gulet Holidays

Our company specializes in planning and organizing private gulet holidays, luxury yacht charters from various ports in the Mediterranean. Together with you, your guests, and the captains, we put together the best possible routes and offer the most ideal and available blue cruise gulets.  Our aim is to combine our resources, knowledge and skills so that you and your guests can enjoy the many treasures that Turkey, Greece, Croatia, shorelines have to offer. For when it is over, we hope that you and your guests return home feeling like everyone has had the most amazing blue cruise ever!

Popular Charter Boats | GREECE & TURKEY

Kaya Guneri 5 gulet
gulet Kaya Guneri 3
K. Mehmet Bugra gulet
Kaptan Kadir gulet
Kaya Guneri V
LOA 40M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 22,750€ /wk
Kaya Guneri 3
LOA 29M | Cabins 8 | 12-14 Pax
Starting at 8,400€ /wk
K.M. Bugra
LOA 34M | Cabins 8 | 18 Pax
Starting at 17,500€ /wk
Kadir Kaptan
LOA 37M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax 
40,000€ /wk All Inclusive

Turkey is famed for the production of unique classic vessels called gulets.  These types of boat rental are more preferred by travellers than motor yacht and motor boats, as that is what is offered the most of.  There are also quite a number of bareboats too. But what makes it more attractive other than of course the Turkish turquoise coastline, are the beautifully handcrafted motorsailers we enjoy – gulets.  Not one will ever be exactly the same as the other. Their uniqueness comes from the original construction – where gulets are as old as 30 years, as well as the owners who design them. Turkey combined with the Dodecanese and Cyclades islands make for a very wide choice of ports to start and end your gulet holidays.

Meya Meya motor yacht
Angeli Jo Aicon 64 Motor Yacht Greece
ALLAHOU motor yacht
White Pearl Motor Yacht
Meya Meya
LOA 35M | Cabins 5 | 12 Pax
Starting at 75,000€ /wk
Angeli Jo
LOA 19,5M | Cabins 4 | 8 Pax
Starting at 17,500€ /wk
LOA 33M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at 35,000€ /wk
White Pearl
LOA 32M | Cabins 4 | 8 Pax 
Starting at 45,500€ /wk

Popular Yacht Rentals | CROATIA

The Adriatic sea is another magnificent part of the Eastern Med you can find gulets for hire. A good majority of gulets are from Turkey, bought in Turkey and later taken to Croatia for chartering. There are also Croatian style vessels that are sometimes referred to as gulets, but more motorsailers than the original round stern Turkish gulets.  These gulets are also an authentic way to enjoy the treasures of the Dalmatian coast. There are of course other types of boats available; however the most preferred seem to show gulets and similar are more often chosen. Popular ports to embark and disembark from are Split and Dubrovnik. There are sometimes other options – but very rare such as Zadar and Rovinj.

Navilux sailing yacht
gulet ALBA
Queen of Datca in Croatia in 2015
sailing in Croatia on board Libra gulet
LOA 37.3M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 49,000€ /wk
LOA 30M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at 12,000€ /wk
Queen of Datca
LOA 36M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at 27,120€ /wk
LOA 34M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 15,000€ /wk

Popular Luxury Yacht Charters | SPAIN

One of the world”s most famous yacht charter regions are the Balearic islands of Spain. Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera are the largest islands; while Ibiza is renown for the best party destination in that Western Mediterranean region. Travellers can choose from a good selection of motor boats and mega yachts as well as the bareboats on a more affordable scale. It is rare to see gulets in that area – particularly as much as Turkey.  Turkey is the capital of gulet charter blue cruise vacations.

Dolce Vita motor yacht Ibiza
Ibiza Charter Motor Yacht LEX
Petardo C Motor Yacht
Seven C Motor Yacht Ibiza
M/Y Dolce Vita
LOA 22,35M | Cabins 4 | 8 Pax
Starting at 21,000€ /wk
M/Y Lex
LOA 35,7M | Cabins 4 | 9 Pax
Starting at 34,000€ /wk
M/Y Petardo C
LOA 26M | Cabins 4 | 8 Pax
Starting at 42,000€ /wk
M/Y Seven C
LOA 28M | Cabins 4 | 8 Pax
Starting at 44,000€ /wk

Highly Rated Premium Sailing Yachts in the Mediterranean

Cobra Infinity yacht
Bodrum sailing super yacht Regina
Clear Eyes sailing yacht Turkey
Mare Nostrum gulet
Cobra Infinity
LOA 46M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 70,000€ /wk
LOA 56M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Starting at 75,000€ /wk
Clear Eyes
LOA 43M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at 65,000€ /wk
Mare Nostrum
LOA 43M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
50,000€ /wk All Inclusive

Gulets for Sale in Turkey

Gulet type vessels can become a great investment with a timely amortization – given that it is marketed right if placed in the charter market. These types of boats are not based on a brand or model, nor constructed from fiber. Gulets are very flexible, long lasting – durable and very custom boats to own; provided that you give it the care and attention it requires since gulets are built from wood.  The best selection worldwide is found in Turkey. There are hundreds and hundreds of gulets for sale. If it is not listed, but for charter, it’s still probably for sale and an offer can be made.


1998 SF Gulet For Sale
2014 KMB Gulet For Sale
2012 SNT Gulet For Sale
27m 1998 Build 8 Cabin 16 Person Gulet
1998 SF Gulet For Sale
LOA 23M | Cabins 3 | 6 Pax
Price : 240,000 €
2014 KMB Gulet For Sale
LOA 34M | Cabins 8 | 18 Pax
Price : 2,190,000
2012 SNT Gulet For Sale
LOA 32M | Cabins 8 | 16 Pax
Price : 1,950,000
1998 O5 Gulet For Sale
LOA 26,8M | Cabins 8 | 16 Pax
Price : Please ask

Advantage in a Gulet for Sale

The advantage in investigating a gulet for sale through our company is that we deal with the owners directly. There is no middle man. Therefore if information is required, a price negotiation is needed to close the deal, we are your best source of brokers. In addition, all the necessary paperwork and inspections are also done with the expertise of our colleagues – right until your gulet is delivered to where you want to take it.  Consider a gulet to buy and charter – using our management services; or buy for private use to enjoy with your family and friends.

2007 CO Gulet For Sale
2007 IP Gulet For Sale
1994 GO Gulet For Sale
22m 2005 Build 6 Cabin 12 Person Gulet
2007 CO Gulet For Sale
LOA 36,8M | Cabins 11 | 22 Pax
Price : 1,350,000 €
2007 IP Gulet For Sale
LOA 22,9M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Price : 177,000
1994 GO Gulet For Sale
LOA 25,7M | Cabins 8 | 16 Pax
Price : 199,000
2005 CK Gulet For Sale
LOA 22M | Cabins 6 | 12 Pax
Price : 225,000 €