Luxury Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean

Whether it’s a private gulet hire or a luxury motor yacht charter, we offer a good selection of boats for all budgets. Our boat rentals are available from popular ports in Greece, Turkey, Spain as well as Croatia.  Nearly all of the gulets are based in Turkey. Depending on the gulet schedule may be delivered to nearby Greek islands such as Rhodes and Kos.  You may not find gulets based in ports such as Santorini and Mykonos.  However, there are a few gulet boats that are available in the Ionian sea from Corfu.  Motor boats for hire are available from the Balearic Island of Ibiza.  Visit or revisit the Spanish islands this summer with your family and friends.

When it comes to gulets in Croatia, the selection is very limited and as such book up very early – perhaps as early as a year in advance. Therefore if your heart is set on exploring the Dalmatian coast via gulet, think about concluding your booking early enough to get a good selection from a limited supply for your blue cruise holidays.

Feature Yachts

K. Mehmet Bugra 8 cabin gulet
Alba gulet Croatia
Gulet Esma Sultan
K.M. Bugra
L 34M | Cabins 8 (7) | 18 (16) Pax
Starting at 28,000€ /wk (2017)
LOA 30M | Cabins 5 | 10 Pax
Starting at 12,000€ /wk
Esma Sultan
LOA 37.6M | Cabins 7 | 16 Pax
Starting at 28,000€ /wk

Gulets for Sale

Gulet type vessels can become a great investment with a timely amortization – given that it is marketed right if placed in the charter market. These types of boats are not based on a brand or model, nor constructed from fiber. Gulets are very flexible, long lasting – durable and very custom boats to own; provided that you give it the care and attention it requires since gulets are built from wood.  There are hundreds and hundreds of gulets for sale. If it is not listed, but for charter, it’s still probably for sale and an offer can be made.

1998 SF Gulet For Sale
2014 KMB Gulet For Sale
2012 SNT Gulet For Sale
1998 SF Gulet For Sale
LOA 23M | Cabins 3 | 6 Pax
Price : 240,000 €
2014 KMB Gulet For Sale
LOA 34M | Cabins 8 | 18 Pax
Price : 2,190,000 €
2012 SNT Gulet For Sale
LOA 32M | Cabins 8 | 16 Pax
Price : 1,950,000 €