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Luxury Yacht Charter

Mirya Yachting is a professional luxury yacht charter and brokerage company located in Turkey and Canada. We provide our services in the countries of Turkey, Greece, and Croatia, specializing in planning and organizing luxury yacht charter holidays in Mediterranean.

We combine our resources, knowledge and skills so that you and your guests can enjoy the many treasures that Mediterranean, Aegean, and Adriatic seas have to offer. Together with you, your guests, and the captains, we put together the best possible gulet cruises routes and offer the most ideal and available blue cruise tours.  For when it is over, we hope that you and your guests return home feeling like everyone has had the most amazing time ever!

Featured Gulet

Dolce Mare yacht charter in Turkey and Greece
  • 36 meters / 6 cabins / 12 guests
  • Cruising region: Greece & Turkey.
  • Loaded with water toys.
  • Super spacious throughout.
  • Features jacuzzi forward.
  • Excellent for all group sizes.
  • 6 Crew
  • Starting at 28,000 EUR/week

Gulet Charter Greece

Explore the Aegean Sea in the Greece Islands

S Nur Taylan

S Nur Taylan gulet

32m 8 cabins 16 guests
Starting at 14,000 EUR/week

La Finale

La Finale gulet

30m 6 cabins 12 guests
Starting at 8,750 EUR/week


BB2 yacht

36m 16 cabins 36 guests
Starting at 21,000 EUR/week

Halis Temel

Halis Temel yacht

42m 12 cabins 24 guests
Starting at 21,000 EUR/week

Yacht Charter Turkey

Explore the Aegean and Mediterranean along the turquoise coast of Turkey


Regina sailing super yacht

56m 6 cabins 12 guests
Starting at 75,000 EUR/week

Kaya Guneri V

Kaya Guneri V charter yacht

40m 6 cabins 12 guests
Starting at 21,000 EUR/week

Berrak Su

Berrak Su gulet

33m 6 cabins 12 guests
Starting at 12,250 EUR/week

Mare Nostrum

Mare Nostrum charter yacht

43m 6 cabins 12 guests
50,000 EUR/week. All inclusive.

Gulet Charter Croatia

Explore the Adriatic from Croatia and Islands

Morning Star

Morning Star yacht

27m 6 cabins 12 guests
Starting at 14,600 EUR/week

Dolce Vita 1

Dolce Vita 1 gulet

34m 5 cabins 10 guests
Starting at 27,000 EUR/week


Angelica gulet

30m 5 cabins 10 guests
Starting at 12,000 EUR/week

Carpe Diem 7

Carpe Diem 7 gulet

30m 4 cabins 8+1 guests
Starting at 14,000 EUR/week


Yacht Charter Destinations in the Mediterranean, Aegean, Adriatic, and Ionian

Charter Greece

K. Mehmet Bugra 8 cabin gulet

Charter Turkey

Bedia Sultan Gulet Turkey charter

Charter Croatia

Carpe Diem 1 gulet Croatia charter

Gulets for Sale

Anytime could be an ideal time to buy a gulet for sale in Turkey. However the best months to consider a gulet investment begins from late August until the end of April – just before the gulet charter season begins.

At Mirya Yachting we specialize in Gulets and offer our own pre-inspected selection of these beautiful and interesting Turkish wooden yachts for various budgets and specifications. Since we deal mainly owner direct it is possible for us to negotiate the best possible prices.

Turkey is truly the Gulet capital of the world. There is no wider selection of gulets to choose from for your investment objectives. The choices change often since gulets are sold all the time and either kept in Turkey for charter or private use; or they are exported to countries such as Croatia, Italy, Greece, America, Spain…

Buy or Build a Gulet?

Whether you are seeking used or new, or can’t seem to find that gulet just for you, why not consider building one. With Mirya Yachting’s good source of reliable shipyards, we would be glad to source and arrange a private custom built gulet for you.

Contact us today for available options.

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