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There is no reason to drink tea in Turkey. Drinking tea is a part of daily life in Turkey. Tea has been as traditional and important drink as water. Giving up breakfasts, tea can also come to us during the day at the office, at home, at work, anywhere. Sometimes a sake tea is drunk, sometimes it is pleasure tea. This depends on the current situation.

Why Turkish Tea is So Popular
Unlike 5 o’clock tea in the afternoon, there is no time to drink tea in Turkey. In the blessed month of Ramadan, tea is drunk well at the time of sahur.

Tea consumption is among the leading food & drinks products in Turkey. Accordingly, the Black Sea region of Turkey is very rich in terms of tea production areas. Tea grown in fertile lands is among the main livelihood products for the Black Sea region.

In a country where tea consumption is so intense, of course, there are places that make tea. Coffeehouses or tea houses do their job well in making local tea. It is possible to see a tea house in almost every street. Drinking tea is so deeply embedded in daily life that it is introduced as a traditional taste to foreigners as Turkish tea.

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If you drink a Turkish tea as soon as possible, we wish you bon appetite!

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