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This summer is about the time and you make yourself a favor to come onboard. We hear you saying how? It is very simple. This year is just the perfect timing for a gulet charter in Turkey. So take a moment to book your next cruise on Turkish gulets and start a whole new gulet charter experience. Do not late !

Join onboard Turkish gulets this summer !

Think about it you deserve nothing but the best, after a long winter period full of hard work. Long office hours, endless meetings, etc.  Seems like it is a well-deserved award for all efforts after all. Preferences can show an alteration. Some of us like to have their feet on the ground no matter what. But some are always open to new experiences and the quality of private services. We will have something to say for both types.

Why being onboard a gulet is an amazing feeling? Why it is so much different than a big cruise ship, motor yacht or sailing boat?

turkish gulets - White Rose Gulet

turkish gulets – White Rose Gulet

Being onboard a gulet will make you feel the difference in the very first moment. Once you step in a gulet, the wooden queen of the seas will be welcoming you with her big smile.

The main idea is that gulets are an artifactitious and human-driven piece of art.  You will never find two identical gulets. Every single one is unique. Since they are made of wood it gives you the feeling that you have a connection with nature automatically even though you are away from ashore while cruising at sea. It is calming and refreshing in the meantime.

Gulet White Rose Marmaris

Gulet White Rose Marmaris

Gulets are exceptionally edifice and an imposing-looking way of traveling. Once you come on board you will have the feeling you have been on board before. Each person finds their part to be attached to. You do not force yourself it comes naturally. This is how it works for gulets.

Visit most popular bays with Turkish gulets !

Why sailing is not a common option for gulets? Gulets are usually motor-powered but only some of them can sail very well while others cannot. Those are exceptional with their technical specs. And please keep in mind that gulet sailing is different than regular sailing boat experience. Because the weight of the body in gulets way too heavier than a sailing boat and it is one of the significant obstruction for the ability to move fast.

If you are not persist with sailing you have a lot more to enjoy while you are onboard a gulet.

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