What do you need for best sailing experience

Life on Board

What chartered sailing is all about? When we describe best sailing experience, it always comes with those main three steps; best food, best company surrounded by nature and best sailing then you are good to go.

Sailing holiday has no age restriction. It is all up to your choice. Crowd can be in all age groups. Can be an energetic, adventurous get together or just relaxing and enjoying the timeless moment in nature as desired.

During your trip may leave everything to the skipper and crew or choose to join in the running of the boat. You may feel free to do your own shopping for meals if you want to. The crew will still cook for you. Unless you wish to prepare a signature dish for your own party. Some days you may decide to have some reading time for yourself in the shade while sipping a drink or prefer to get some tan on deck. Planning to have an active day, you get everything you ask for. Fishing, windsurfing, water skiing, or when the yacht is at anchor in a beautiful cove, snorkeling, swimming in the natural aquarium and hiking in the wood and maybe visit underwater ruins. While docked you may wish to spend some time by touring a nearby ancient city or have a special evening in town or in a close by local destinations. All is just up to your taste.

Staff on board

Here we will mention that what is the best parts of being on blue voyage.

Absolutely no need for you to be a sailor. Your captain and crew are experienced seafarers, and most of the time they are local Turkish people, who know the cruising ports of call, coasts and whole area. They will share their knowledge, skill and local info with you. In order to run the sails safely and according to the itinerary you have chosen, captain and his crew are prepared to assist and comfort you in maximum, from recommending suitable anchorages and arranging shore excursions to serving you beverages and three delicious meals every day. You are only responsibility is making a chose the dream voyage you desire for yourself and for your party.

Packing up for sailing

  • Your swimsuit and a pair of sports shoes is good enough. If you think you might be interested in to some hiking add also a pair of them.
  • Do not forget to bring your cameras. You will have wonderful memories to recall but no harm to take some photos for your IG profile.

You will see thousands of colors merged in perfectly.  A pleasurable one just between two seas of Mediterranean and Aegean. It is a paradise where greens, oranges, blues, turquoises, scarlets, bougainvillea, ready to salute you.

  • A few shorts and t-shirts would be needed. At nights you might feel a bit chilly sometimes therefore do have a sweater or hoodie with you. Rubber slippers is the best option for walk on our boats.
  • Sun cream and sun glasses are highly recommended for sure.
  • In general, almost all yachts carry some equipment, but if you enjoy diving or staying in the water for a longer hour, and use your own, then do bring your masks, fins and snorkels with you. However, you can buy them in local stores for very inexpensive prices as well.
  • You would not want to be without books, anyway. You can also add them to your list.
  • If there are particular music, you wish to play do bring them as well.
  • We do also carry sets of boardgames, backgammon, chess, etc. But feel free to bring yours.

It is so relieving that you do not have to worry for heels or formal details of your Michelin star dinning on board. Sailing gives you real of freedom.  Your chef is ready to serve up award winning dishes or inspiring local tastes. No stress of booking tables in your favorite restaurant or dealing with tedious details. You have only the best view table of each night.


  • This budget range is applicable for private yacht charters.

    Food and drinks are extra on top of the gulet/yacht rental price. Sometimes the menu can be quoted inclusive to the charter price.

    Yacht charters less than 5 days may not be possible during high season months from mid June - mid September due to booking schedules.

    Daily charters may be possible for motor yachts/boats only, based on availability.

  • All itineraries run from Saturday to Saturday. If you require to begin or end your holiday on a different day, please let us know. However please note that it may not be possible especially during peak season (June, July, August, September), and also depends on the booking schedule of the boat.
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