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A Blue Voyage, also known as a “mavi yolculuk” in Turkish, is a type of sailing vacation that is particularly popular in Turkey. It is called a “blue” voyage because of the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea that it takes place on.

During a Blue Voyage, guests sail on a traditional wooden boat called a gulet along the Turkish coastline, stopping at various ports and islands along the way. The route of a Blue Voyage can vary, but they often include stops at popular tourist destinations such as the ancient city of Ephesus, the Blue Lagoon, and the Butterfly Valley. Guests can also visit small, unspoiled villages, secluded bays, and go swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear waters.


The best time to go for a blue voyage is from May to October, when the weather is warm, and seas are calm. The boats usually anchored in a different place each night, so guests can explore the surrounding areas, dine on the deck under the stars, and enjoy the ambiance of the sea.

Blue voyages are popular for families, couples, and groups of friends and can be booked through various travel agencies or directly with a gulet cruise operator. Many blue voyages are all-inclusive, meaning that food and drinks are included in the price. Some of the boats also come with a private chef, providing guests with delicious Turkish cuisine.
The blue voyage not just offers relaxation and pleasure but also allows you to explore the natural and historical wonders of the region, such as old ruins, ancient cities, and traditional villages. The trips are usually are very flexible, routes can be tailored to the preferences of the guests and the boats can be rented with or without the crew.

Home of the blue voyage is definitely Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Those two have them all, tranquility, amazing pinpoints, different tastes and the mixture of Turkish-Greek culture that melts in the same pot.

Every human being must experience to have this unique lifetime experience by gulet cruise. That is what most people do every single day. That is so far so good but is a blue voyage holiday only for some type of people? Maybe it is just a commonly-held mistake?

blue cruise

blue cruise

We all think maybe the gulet cruise is only for wealthy and Many people think the gulet voyage is for the riches and urbane people. In some point it is correct but varieties are numerous and there are Gulet for almost all budgets as well as a hotel. If you go for your budget-friendly options or follow up hot deals there will be an option also for you to try. Blue voyage rates are all up to the type of gulets. Turkey has an exceptionally wide range of fleet. And try to keep in mind you do not pay for scenic views, bays, coves or beautiful islands.

Also, it is not as tricky as staying in some hotel which means you do not have to worry about crazy unexpected room service and minibar bill. All meals will be freshly-prepared for you and your loved ones. You can be guaranteed to have only the freshest ingredients for each meal.

blue voyage Turkey

blue voyage Turkey

Comparing with all other options blue cruise is by far the best option to see all around the region. Going on one of the budget-friendly, alluring gulets and start cruising along the radiant coastline of the Aegean Sea as you wish for a week or longer. If you are the first-timer on up a blue cruise holiday then make your booking for a week, this is how most of the people do. After that it will be simply like falling in love then you will a  coming. Try to remember for high season finding a gulet will be quite a challenge. the means you may avoid choosing the June-August period to get hot deals.

When considered from this point of view blue cruise is an achievable target for travel lovers. If we are on the same page next step you should take is to contact Mirya Yachting. Once you do this it is simply having your way for your dream vacation.

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