Turkish Yachts Launch in Bozburun Shipyards

As the count down to the start of summer season 2018 begins, blue cruise gullets have started to launch out on water. In recent times many yachts started to launch on the water, between Turkish shipyards and dry dock areas, in Bozburun shipyards.

Especially after the great interest in Turkish blue cruise gullets, this year reminds us the old golden years. This great interest has not only brought attention on Turkey yacht charter, but it also awakened the interest on the Turkish harbors and coves.

After the coup attempt, the interest on our beautiful country has started to turn back again. Therefore, there is a great view of vacationers, especially those who come abroad from the country, starting to turn their interest and routes to Turkish waters and Turkish yacht charters.

It is expected that this year the number of tourists can reach to the target estimation of Tourism and Culture Assembly. In addition to this with the announcement of early elections on the 24th of June, it is a curiosity how the tourism markets will respond to this matter.

A glad news is that the interest on Turkey has not only been understood by the reservations for this year, but also from the early-reservations for 2019.




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