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Top 4 Historical Sites On A Fethiye Yacht Charter Vacation In Turkey

You don’t have to be a history enthusiast in order to want to see some of the most amazing pieces of ancient architecture.  You also don’t have to go too far to explore some of the most amazing history in Turkey – when you embark on a Fethiye yacht charter vacation.  The whole of the Fethiye region is very rich in historical sites. Fethiye itself was once the Lycian city, formerly called Telmessos. Four of the top sites to visit during or before or even after your yacht charter vacation in Fethiye are picturesque and interesting – so definitely don’t forget your photo or video cameras!

You could start within Fethiye and visit the ancient Telmessos Hellenistic theater by the quay. During the early part of 2014 the site was under development.

Telmessos amphitheatre during your Fethiye yacht holidays located by the quay

Another interesting site to see is almost of a natural wonder. It’s simply amazing how, way back then, the Lycians could construct such incredible work seen in the Lycian Rock cut tombs in the town of Dalyan (ancient Caunos). Once your private yacht charter in Fethiye reaches Ekincik bay, you transfer to a small river boat called a piyade. This boat will take you through the tall reeds to the ancient city of Caunos. For this excursion a visit to the tombs is not included due to the degree of danger it may present.  However hikers have been known to take it upon themselves to explore these rock tombs on their own. So after a bit of a hike you can explore this remarkable piece of history with your group if you so desire.

Dalyan River boat trip with the King Tombs of Caunos in the background

Situated on the hillside of Fethiye is a place that resembles a fortress. It is located more inland, but a day trip from your private boat charter in Fethiye can easily be arranged to take you there.

Kayakoy Fethiye Turkey

One last not-to-be-missed place is on the hillside overlooking the Fethiye harbor. Ancient rock tombs, so intricately cut, from the Lycian civilization, dating back to the 4th century B.C. It isn’t as large or wide constructed as the ones in Caunos, but still quite impressive and certainly worth a visit. If your charter yacht in Fethiye is moored at the Ece Marina or muni harbor, it is about an hours’ walk to this site. You can actually site it quite well as you enter Fethiye harbor.

Fethiye harbor. Lycian rock tombs in the background
Fethiye rock tombs
Fethiye rock tombs 4th century B.C.
Fethiye Lycian Rock Tombs overlooking the harbor

As you can see, there is much more to your holidays than just chartering a boat, even before you embark on a Fethiye blue cruise.



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