Top 3 Historical Ruins To Be Seen While Cruising in Turkey

Turkey has a great heritage to show you and for those who join a gulet holiday are luckier ones to have an all-inclusive pack for all while they enjoy a blue voyage vacation in the meantime. If the country has a lot to offer then from where to start first?

It is impossible to see all in one or two periods and so we made a shortlist with the top three to sum it up. This will be a good help while you are on a gulet crusing in Turkey.

This is the place that will be first on the list without any doubt. Perfectly preserved Roman and Greek ruins await you in Ephesus. Once you start to walk around the streets you will be feeling the harmony of the old times by watching beautiful views. Temples, traditional houses and stadiums around the remains will make you feel if you were in a time machine. Terrace Houses and The House of Virgin Mary is a must to be visited.

Ucagiz Kekova Turkey
Ucagiz Kekova Turkey

You need to spend at least a half-day and it is better if you have a guided tour to make the best out of it.  Also if you visit the museum pieces of jewelry, scales, cosmetic boxes, coins, ancient statuaries await you there. Cave of Seven Sleepers is another place to be seen, according to sayings seven Christian boys locked there by Romans in 250 AD and they were awake only by 5th century. Last but not least is the Temple of Artemis which is one of seven wonders of the World.

Kekova: The Sunken City

The region is started being protected by 1990. Kekova Island has cultural, geographical and natural beauties in her habitat. All area of 260 km² is under the management of Turkish Ministry of Environment. Island’s northern side has Dolchiste ruins which are an ancient Lycian settlement. Since it is an underwater ruin you can have access only by water. Please keep in mind swimming is prohibited around the ruins avoiding any harm. You can still take some photos.

cruising in Turkey
The Lycian Way

Starting from Fethiye goes up to Antalya Lycian way has an enormous ancient collection for you and your kids while you are in a blue cruise vacation. It would take around two months or it is better to have a gulet cruise from Fethiye to Olympos to make it unique. When you visit the places you will understand why are these places in the list of World Unesco Heritage. Famous Letoon and Xanthos are also part of this road. Also part is not as popular as all other parts but still worth to see this place for its Lycian tombs. When you get closer to Antalya district, Lycian rock tombs of Myra the one that is closer to Demre and the church of Saint Nicholas will be welcoming you. And finally seeing Olympos will be like being part of a fairy tale.

Having this lifetime experience is possible with Mirya Yachting since we are also a licensed member of Tursab (Association of Turkish travel agencies). Mirya Yachting is at your service in anywhere!

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