Popular and Private Turkish Gulet Cruises Under 12,000 Euros a Week in Summer

Summer is a popular time of year for friends and families to book their holidays aboard. While some prefer to stay in hotels, others choose alternative accommodation; such as at sea. For group boat charters, travelers with a budget of 12,000 euros or less can choose from the following popular Turkish gulet sailboats for their blue cruises in Turkey and enjoy all the wonders the southern coastline of Turkey has to offer. Generally the more there are, the cheaper the price per person can work out to be in private yacht charters. Ranging from 4 cabins all the way up to 8, Turkish gulet cruises can not only be affordable but a fantastic way to explore the Mediterranean and Aegean sea regions.

Bencik Bay, Datca, Turkey

Some of the most popular choices in gulets are those that offer a great crew – ready to serve and please, a chef who creates the simplest dishes and making you want to go for seconds.  You don’t need VIP standards  in order to relax in comfortable cabins or laze about on  wide open deck space; or look for expensive water sports when there can be plenty of other things that are available both on board and in bays you have anchored in. Yacht charters in Turkey are all about having a great time, making the most of the fantastic climate, taking in the scenery and exploring exciting destinations. It’s about meeting new people, maybe adding a bit of adventure, or simply  about doing anything you want to do on your vacation time at sea.

Serenity 70 Gulet
Charter gulet Serenity 70 with 3 cabins for up to 6 guests. Based in Marmaris Turkey.
Remzi Yilmaz Gulet
Luxury gulet Remzi Yilmaz – 6 cabin charter from Marmaris
Arslan 7 Gulet
Arslan 7 gulet charter with 5 cabins for up to 10 guests at 26 mt in length
Yorukoglu 2 Gulet
Yorukoglu 6 cabin 12 person gulet charter in the Mediterranean of Turkey
Yorukoglu 6 cabin 12 person gulet charter in the Mediterranean of Turkey
Xenos 2 Gulet
Luxury gulet boat Xenos 2 with 4 cabins and 24 mt in length

After choosing your gulet, then it’s time to think menu, drinks, itinerary and activities! So what are you waiting for? Starting planning now and then sit back and look forward to all the wonderful times ahead this season.



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