Is It Good Time for Buying a Boat in Turkey

Is it the good time to buying a boat in Turkey during the pandemic due to Covid-19? What impact could the pandemic have on yacht investment? You can find the answers to your questions above in the article below. After the start of the pandemic due to Covid 19, concerns for yacht charter tourism also […]

Why Marmaris Favorite Holiday Destination for British Tourists?  

Why Marmaris favorite holiday destination for British Tourists? Marmaris hosts many cultural and historical beauties from the past to the present. Marmaris, the junction point of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, is also in the foreground with its maritime trade. For the last 30-40 years, Marmaris has been a popular holiday destination for British tourists. British […]

Why is July Week of 17-24 So Popular?

Why is July Week of 17-24 So Popular? Let’s talk about July 17-24th in 2021. Why this date is very popular in Turkey ? For the week of the Feast Sacrifice has started to gulet charter bookings on 2021 summer. Feast of the Sacrifice week seems to be very popular already. 17th-24th July is Feast Sacrifice […]

Is It Too Late for October Boat Rental Deals ?

Due to the Pandemic this year, the boat season has started from the first week of July. The season, which normally lasts from April to November, has been stuck for a short time between July and November this year. Tours can continue until the first 2 weeks of November. October boat rental deals Therefore, private […]

Top 5 Reasons to Charter Prenses Esila Gulet in Turkey

We are delighted to introduce Prenses Esila gulet. She is one of the latest examples of beautiful and luxurious boats produced in Turkish shipyards in recent years. Below are our top 5 reasons why you should charter Prenses Esila gulet for your luxury gulet holidays in the Turkish waters. But we’re confident that you will […]

Who Would Want to Cancel Boat Charter Pleasure?

  You can continue your vacation plans due to the travel warnings received by countries due to the Corona virus. Using mask and social distancing can be the most appropriate method for you. There is no doubt that the most suitable holiday style during this pandemic period has been the boat holiday. You can have your […]

Boat Maintenance in Winter

After end of the sea season, the boats will begin to move to the shipyards for winter maintenance. After the tiring summer season, the maintenance work required for the boats is carried out in different areas from wood to mechanical work. Due to the long season, maintenance of boats on blue cruise tours is almost […]

Enjoy Watching WRC Marmaris Rally On The Boat

During the pandemic period, interest in holiday destinations has continuously increased. Turkey, among holiday destinations in the Mediterranean was the most preferred country. For this reason, private yacht charter tours received a lot of inquiry from our foreign guests. Marmaris, Bodrum, Gocek and Fethiye, which are among the blue voyage ports, have a very busy season. Hisaronu […]

The pandemic could not prevent the holiday

While the 2020 summer season was under the influence of Covid -19, many people chose to postpone their summer vacation plans. There are canceled tours as well as postponed tours. Located between the major holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, Turkey has opened its doors to vacationers in the summer season. Hotels and gulet charter boats […]

Blue Cruise Turkey is Rising Star in Europe

Social media, cinema, fashion industry and tv shows are very strong demands on what we like and live for. Because the show became very strong effect in tourism industry since 2014 and imagine they still have upcoming fantastic final for upcoming season. This is another proof how trends rule our lives. Another good news for […]

Top 5 Reasons to Charter Rara Avis Yacht in Croatia

Rara Avis Croatia Rara Avis yacht represents a superb sample of Croatian shipbuilding. This exquisite yacht provides you and your guests with a top level of luxury, comfort, service, and cuisine.  There are 6 beautiful and spacious cabins to luxuriously accommodate 12 guests. Since her launch in 2018, Rara Avis has very successfully completed her first charter [...]

Top 5 Reasons to Charter Gulet Prenses Bugce

The Turkish gulet charter market has a new addition.  She offers a few good reasons to consider chartering for your next travels along the turquoise Turkish coast or the charming Dodecanese islands of Greece. The gulet Prenses Bugce stretches 31 meters in length overall with an 8.2 meter beam.  Guests can enjoy the comforts of […]

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