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Large Groups Times Two Charters : Cheaper?

Travelers who are in large groups of 18 to 20 or more are often in search of yachts for charter in Turkey which can accommodate the whole group with one single boat. Having to take this route can sometimes cause obstacles. These kinds of charter sales can only happen with only a small selection of charter boats as there aren’t too many gulet boats with the capacity to accommodate such a high volume of guests. There is an alternative solution and possibly a more cost effective one at that.

Hiring two boats. Yes, this can not only offer you more favorable price advantages for your yacht charter Turkey holiday, but also maintain the quality of services, equipment and facilities on board.  It is even more beneficial when booking gulet charters early in the year from Turkey.  Besides all this, it can be fun and more spacious, sailing as a mini fleet in the impressive waters of the Mediterranean sea.

Perdue gulet
Perdue gulet

Traveling with a large group is not always easy to organize, but ones it’s done you will have a holiday which you will never forget again. Being together with all your beloved ones, with your best friends, having fantastic meals on the deck altogether and cruise in the Mediterranean.. a dream come true isn’t it?

But how to organize a holiday like this? One big gulet like the Bahriyeli group, they are perfect for big groups. They can accommodate up to 24 passengers and they travel all the Mediterranean. On the other hand, when you book early in the year you can also book 2 gulets.You might think that this is way out of budget, but especially when you book early you get great discounts. Just contact us and we can figure out the details. Cruising with 2 gulets is fun though, like a mini-fleet sail in the deep blue Mediterranean waters.



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