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Boat rental prices in Turkey vary widely. Although the price of fiber sailing boats varies according to their models, the situation is different for wooden boats.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Turkey?
Wooden boats, we call them “gulet” for short. Since the gulets are not factory-built, on the contrary, they are hand made in some shipyards in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Istanbul, and each gulet has a construction and beginning story, their prices are determined according to their standards, luxury level or wood quality.

How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Turkey?
When we look at it in general, the sale or rental price of a gulet is determined after criteria such as different length, width, number of cabins, quality features, quality of materials used, workmanship.

How much is the blue cruise?

In short, it would be easier to research the price of a gulet you are looking for, according to the number of cabins and length of a gulet.
As we said, the prices for the blue cruise boats that you plan to have a holiday are generally researched according to the number of cabins and the size of the boat.

How much is the blue cruise?
Currently, there are boats with different features between 500 Euro and 20,000 Euro per day in the markets. The daily budgets of the most rented boats are between 1,500 Euro and 4,000 Euro on average.
In order to find a boat between the prices you want, it is useful to indicate to your gulet charter agency the boat you want to rent or the type of boat you want to spend your holiday on.

water sports activities on gulets in turkey

Water sports activities on gulets in Turkey

For example, if water sports on the boat is an important detail for you and your family, state this or if you want the chef to be a master of not only local dishes but also world cuisine, make sure to state this. Because for a good holiday, the chef becomes a “magic person”.
For this reason, you should definitely tell your agency what kind of holiday or an unforgettable holiday you want to experience, so that the agency can offer you the right boat.

blue cruise food
Extra expenses are not included in Turkey yacht charter prices. APA system is generally valid for motor yacht charters. An extra charge is made for the food costs during a gulet charter holiday. These ration expenses; It covers the food and beverages you will use on the boat during your holiday, the cleaning materials that must be purchased for the boat, the auxiliary materials that should be used in the kitchen for your holiday, and the crew meal.

mare nostrum gulet
“Gulet” type boats, which are among the yacht charter options in Turkey, are always crewed. The boat crew will serve you during your holiday. According to the capacity of the boat, the number of crew and their places of duty change. Every boat has a captain, chief and sailors. On some boats, the housekeeper, hostess or host also works.

How much do you tip the Turkey gulet staff?

It is customary to Crew gratuity between 5-15% of the charter prices at the end of the tour, excluding the boat price. This rate is entirely up to you. If you are satisfied with the service provided by the crew during your tour, then collect a gratuity between you and your group and give it to the captain.
The boat captain divided equally among the crew members. Tip is not mandatory on most boats, but is generally expected.

Total yacht charter prices can be determined not only by the price of the boat itself, but also by the cost of food and the gratuity of the crew. This is about how much money you want to spend on your holiday. Although there are boats for almost every budget in Turkey.
There are boats in different categories and budgets such as standard, standard plus, luxury, deluxe and high class.