Boat Charter Turkey : Family Vacations aboard Motor Yachts or Gulets

A boat charter holiday in Turkey in your travel plans this year? For your quality family vacations at sea, you can choose from a great selection of motor yacht rentals or gulets for hire in Southern Turkey.  Both types of yachts although different in style and layout, offer various levels of standards in luxury.  While one is a predefined brand name in most cases; the other is a Turkish wooden boat; or otherwise referred to as gullet.  It all depends whether you wish to go on a sailing boat charter or a motor powered yacht charter, without the sails.

Either choice will offer you the same in many magnificent destinations that line the Mediterranean and Aegean regions of Turkey and Greek Islands.  Ideally combining a dual country itinerary is easily organized, considering that both countries neighbor each other and share the same seas; namely the Mediterranean and Aegean.

Prenses Bugce Gulet
Prenses Bugce Gulet

Boat Charter : Turkey

Turkish boat charter family vacations could be well spent on board motor yacht rentals. The biggest different in costs is that while gulets include fuel, motor yachts do not. These superb vessels come in a variety of price ranges from the budget-friendly to the super luxury class of yachts. They range from 3 cabins and go up. Their design is standard by brand name and usually offer well made fittings and furnished with quality decor.

Gulet charter Turkey holidays include three types of boats; gulets (rounded stern), ketch (flat stern and more space in aft cabin) and gulet style sailing yachts. These are wooden manufactured boats that are custom made, and abide by strict guidelines for seaworthiness and safety. They are unique to Turkey and manufactured mainly in the seaside cities located in Southern Turkey; Bodrum, Bozburun, Fethiye and Antalya; but they have also been known to be constructed in Istanbul as well. Gullets are sometimes referred to as motor sailers. That is because they are both sail and engine powered (but more engine).

Kaptan Mehmet Bugra Gulet
Kaptan Mehmet Bugra Gulet

For families who do not have the holiday budget for extravagant spending, both types of yachts are ideal to enjoy a exceptional Mediterranean boat vacation. Depending on the size of your family group, ages and other personal criteria, there is certainly a yacht that will not only fit the bill, but also cater to your family holiday style.

Family boat holidays in Turkey offer history? Yes. Overflowing with history. Fun? Definitely – with water sports for all ages. Peace? Of course. Some of the most peaceful and breathtaking bays, coves this side of the globe are found along the turquoise coast. Shopping? Most certainly. Discover all the treasures in the shops of charming little towns and villages.

Explore the tropics in the Mediterranean of Turkey or the Aegean Greek Islands or both; and find out why this type of vacation overseas is one of the most fun you and your family will experience together.


  • This budget range is applicable for private yacht charters.

    Food and drinks are extra on top of the gulet/yacht rental price. Sometimes the menu can be quoted inclusive to the charter price.

    Yacht charters less than 5 days may not be possible during high season months from mid June - mid September due to booking schedules.

    Daily charters may be possible for motor yachts/boats only, based on availability.

  • All itineraries run from Saturday to Saturday. If you require to begin or end your holiday on a different day, please let us know. However please note that it may not be possible especially during peak season (June, July, August, September), and also depends on the booking schedule of the boat.
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