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Steps to Hiring a Gullet for a Yacht Charter Turkey Vacation

Having decided to hire a gullet for your next yacht holidays at sea is a wonderful alternative and refreshing change to land based vacations. A yacht charter Turkey holiday offers more choices in places to see, things to do and much more. The gullet charter doesn’t necessarily have to be a high end boat rental […]

5 Turkish Yacht Charter Tips for Newbie Blue Cruise Travelers

Holiday planning is in the air and the time for having some great fun in the sun and sea is fast approaching. While another wonderful season is about to begin and yacht owners are effortfully preparing to offer their services to new and return blue cruise travelers in Turkey. For first time Turkey yacht charter […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Private Boat Charters in Turkey

It’s an exciting time of year when you are planning your vacation – especially in a tropical hot spot such as Southern Turkey. However in addition to arranging your travel dates and flights, organizing the actual part of your holiday is the most important stage overall. Along with all the things that travelers should do […]

What Yacht Charter Turkey Destination Choices Do I Have?

As one of the most preferred destinations, Turkey offers a plethora of stunning yacht holiday destinations in the Mediterranean and Aegean sea regions. Between these two regions, the most popular and preferred yacht charter Turkey destinations to embark from are the lively city of Bodrum – home of the Turkish gulet boats; the colorful and […]

Yacht Charter Turkey : Why Booking Now Has Advantages for August

During the Winter and Spring, many travelers begin to think about their holidays for the year. In the yacht charter season there are many charter yachts that do get booked up for August during these times. August is a prime period when just about everyone can take their holidays.  The obvious fact that there are […]

Luxury Yacht Charter Top List from Marmaris Turkey

One of the only harbors in the Turkish Mediterranean Aegean border that presents the most picturesque lush green hills, an impressive promenade that stretches all the way to the next resort town, and many of the top rated gullet cruises in Turkey, is Marmaris. Among the harbors that are the start of yacht holidays, Marmaris […]

One Week Blue Cruise from Marmaris to the Gulf of Fethiye Return

If it’s peerless bays, private coves, turquoise waters, a bit of nightlife, some peace and tranquility, and plenty of history and culture, then embark on a blue cruise Turkey holiday from the colorful city of Marmaris. Take a journey filled with beautiful destinations, plenty of activities for choice and explore the ancient Carian coast all […]

What Destinations are Available on Mediterranean Yacht Charters?

The destinations available are endless in the Mediterranean. Yacht charters in Turkey are only limited in destination choices based on the yacht you decide to hire since each charter yacht is based in a different harbor in Turkey. The only other restrictions could include the yacht itself as there are yachts not equipped to travel […]

Difference Between a Cabin Charter and Private Blue Cruise in Turkey

The obvious between a gulet cabin charter and a private yacht charter is that with one type of blue cruise you are booking only a private cabin and sharing the charter boat with other passengers. While in private boat charters you are hiring the whole boat with your own group where the crew serves only […]

Top Picks for Affordable Private Charter Yachts in Turkey

While some may be under the impression that private charter yachts in Turkey are out of their reach, in reality they can be quite affordable. This is especially possible if you are a medium to large sized group. In private yacht charters you are renting the whole boat and the more travelers there are to […]

Which is the Best Gulet Charter Turkey Holiday Itinerary?

The whole coast from the Eastern Mediterranean all the way to the Southern Aegean of Turkey offer one of the most idyllic sceneries found in this part of the globe. Each destination offers something special, unique places of interest, historic architecture, and entertainment and activities of many kinds.  One of the main reasons why travelers […]

One Week Blue Cruise from Bodrum to the Gulf of Gokova Return

One Week Blue Cruise from Bodrum to the Gulf of Gokova Return

The lively and colorful city of Bodrum is situated on its own peninsula, the city that never sleeps, second home to the Turkish rich and famous, decorated with over 30 bays and coves; and a prime location to embark from on a private blue cruise Bodrum holiday in Turkey. It’s not just about the natural beauty […]

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