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Private Aegean Yacht Charter Holidays in the Spring from Turkey

It’s not written in stone that a private yacht charter holiday has to be experienced in the summer time only. Turkey’s southern coastline offers practically 300 days of pure sunshine and warm, warm weather. Although the summer season can be quite hot, reaching up to 45° – 50° Celsius in the month of August. Outside […]

Yacht Charter in Turkey and a Prime Haven of Islands in the Aegean

The Mediterranean and particularly the Aegean regions of Turkey are filled with islands big and small – and what’s a yacht charter in Turkey without a bit of island hopping around? The waters are a total utopia of islands.  However, Greece triumphs in the number of island choices. Fortunately, both countries are neighbors; therefore a fantastic yacht holiday […]

Ideas for Selecting the Gulet that is Right for Your Yacht Charter Holidays

Yacht charter holidays from Turkey are wonderful alternatives to enjoying a vacations on land only. These dreamy yacht vacations offer the opportunities to travel by sea to places that are sometimes not so easily accessible otherwise. These are holidays that also present a great deal of choices for seeing many destinations in one holiday time, […]

Blue Cruise Turkey : Differences in Embarking from Bodrum or Marmaris

There are 4 major ports to embark from on a blue cruise Turkey vacation. Each one offers different reasons for choice by travelers. In the Mediterranean of Turkey, guests can choose to begin their blue cruise holidays from either Gocek or Fethiye. Alternatively, the bustling harbors of Bodrum and Marmaris are quite popular as well. […]

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