Would You Go On A Small Cruise Boat Instead Of A Cruise Ship?

You may have had the opportunity to cruise on a big ship with the many amenities the ship has to offer for an ultimately relaxing holiday at sea.  However should you feel that you may like to try something of smaller scale… much smaller scale. Cruise ship versus Private Yacht. Have you ever thought about […]

Your Gulet Charter Trip, Visiting Dalyan and Ancient Caunos

How wonderful it is to go on a private gulet trip for a week! There are so many choices in itineraries. There is also the freedom to explore on land as well.  It’s a holiday combining the best of a private yacht holiday in the Eastern Mediterranean and the ancient wonders of Southern Turkey. One […]

Greece Charter Yacht 42m Iraklis Defines Premium Quality Accommodation At Sea

World renown holiday destination, a prime region of the globe for the most enjoyable high quality holidays, the Greek Islands have preserved its allurement for decades. Among the many islands, travelers can find everything they are looking for in a good quality, entertaining and relaxing way to spend their vacations each year. For the more […]

3 Great Mediterranean Boat Charters for Large Groups in Croatia

We offer a great selection of vessels for the Adriatic coast. From ultra luxe till budget friendly. Have you ever thought about it? Croatia is absolutely stunning!  It has more than 1000 Islands, 50 are inhabited and about 20 are regularly visited by yachts. The positive point of a private yacht is the fact that […]

Dodecanese Greek Islands Offer Many Choices for Turkish Gulet Charters

As neighbors, both Turkey and the Dodecanese Islands offer the most choice in route combinations, as well as gulets. If you have planned on hiring a Turkish gulet, your selection increases more for this island group than any other islands in Greece. Since Rhodes is only a few hours sail away from the Turkish harbor of […]

Turkish Yacht Charter Paradise in the Gulf of Fethiye

If it’s paradise you’re looking for on your next holiday get-a-way; you won’t be disappointed with a Turkish yacht charter in the Gulf of Fethiye. The benefits in chartering a gulet from the Fethiye region starts with a short-time transfer from the Dalaman airport. This is especially convenient for families with children after long air […]

Top 5 Best Private Yacht Charter Activities in Turkey

There are three ways to enjoy a private yacht charter holiday in Turkey. You could do nothing and just enjoy the peace and quiet, being lazy lounging about in the sun, shade or in air conditioned room.  No phones, no internet, no children. Just listen to the whisper of the sails and the humming-gurgle of […]

Which Island Group Is Ideal For Your Greece Yacht Charter Holiday

Many of the islands in Greece are uniquely stunning and offer much for travelers to enjoy throughout the year. Divided by island groups and seas, each region presents conditions for a variety of styles. Whether you enjoy plenty of sailing opportunities or prefer calm waters and secludes bays, or areas where nightlife is at its […]

Most Luxurious Gulet Cruises in Turkey and Greek Islands

Paradise is surrounded by the sparkling waters of Turkey and the Greek Islands; from the Eastern Mediterranean all the way to the Northern Aegean. Blue cruises are seen each year along Southern Turkey – between the Mediterranean and Aegean seas; extending to all the many beautiful Greek Islands. Classic wooden boats we call gulets and the […]

Greece, Gulets and Gorgeous Places to Visit

While gulets originate in Turkey, travelers can also find these lovely boats available in Greece. Should they not find one to their liking, Turkey is close enough to the Greek Islands that gulets can be hired in Turkey and then offer a blue cruise in Greece. Rhodes is a few hours away from the city […]

Inspiring Gulet Charters in the Mediterranean. Cruising may be good for your Health

The Mediterranean sea region offers some of the world’s most incredibly beautiful countries. Each country is alluring  with its unique treasures available for visitors to enjoy. From Turkey, over to Greece, up to the Adriatic in Croatia, Italy, France and Spain; you can find a collage of amazing scenery, culture, cuisine and entertainment geared for […]

The Turkish Way to Enjoy a Private Yacht Vacation

The Mediterranean and the Aegean sea regions of Turkey are filled with a very wide assortment of boats and large yachts. However the types of boats that seem to interest many are gulets. Since they are unique to Turkey, it is limited to where else you can see them cruising in other parts of the […]

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