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Best Ports To Start A Charter Yacht Holiday In Turkey

Are there really the ‘best ports’ per say in Southern Turkey to charter a yacht from? Not really. The best port is all dependant on what you and your group’s expectations are in places to see and things to do.  Another reason that a certain harbor could be the best one for you is airport transfer time. While some travelers fly a few hours to reach Turkey with a direct flight or quick connecting flight from Istanbul, others could travel up to a full day or longer to reach Turkey. This can be very exhausting. What can also be even more tiring is travelling in large group at the same time or with families with children. It’s not easy. As a result an easy access airport with minimal transfer time is a great benefit before embarking.

Marmaris harbor

Harbors and Airport Transfers

There are four main harbors that a very good majority of yacht charters in Turkey begin and end. These are Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek and Fethye. Below you will see the differences in transfer times as well as the airports that serve each harbor.

Dalaman Airport serves transfers to Gocek (20 minutes); Fethiye (40 minutes); and Marmaris (1 hr. 15 minutes).  Milas Airport serves transfers to Bodrum (40 minutes).

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Bodrum harbor

Which Charter Yachts from Where

Not all yachts and gulets are available from any port. Each charter yacht has its own base port. As such these yacht charters’ first choice would be to start and end their weekly charter trips from their home base. However this can change during a booking season too. A client may wish to start from the base port, but due to their travel plans, end their charter trip in another port. So what this becomes is a different starting port for the following charter tour – instead of the base port.

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Fethiye harbor

Yacht Charter Itineraries

The way it generally works with itineraries and the charter boats is;

  1. Choose your yacht, then the route – which then determines the best ports to embark from on your blue cruise.
  2. Choose your port, then choose the boats that are available to embark from there, and work out your itinerary.
  3. Choose your itinerary, then choose the boats that can serve that particular route.

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So in essence, the best ports to start a boat charter holiday in Turkey, depend on your preferences, and narrowing it down to the best choices based on this information… for a fantastic holiday in Turkey’s turquoise coast!

Gocek port


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