Before Embarking From Marmaris On Private Yacht Charter

After an airport transfer for just over an hour, you arrive in the lush green seaside city of Marmaris. The turn off to Marmaris from the highway leads you onward a long stretch.  Thereupon you reach the start of a descend. A windy and beautiful descent lined with pine trees on both sides. From the gaps in between the trees, you begin to see the clay rooftops of Marmaris – the views through the trees. As the trees lessen, you notice right away that the bay is wide and blue, scattered with Turkish gulets, sailboats and luxury yachts.

Shortly after this picturesque descent is the start of Marmaris traffic.  There is only one road, the same road, straight through to the end where you meet the Marmaris bay, greeted by the statue of Ataturk – the founder of the Turkish Republic. The promenade is crowded with visitors from around the globe. You turn left and shortly after a minute, you reach the harbor entrance which is marked with two parallel Roman columns. Welcome to Marmaris!

#marmaris blue cruise destination
#marmaris blue cruise destination

There is much that travelers can do and see in Marmaris. It is a city constantly on the move during the Spring and Summer months. The only time that it has the chance to rest is during winter hibernation – and even then, the local population keeps it alive with the daily cycle of life.

When you have decided to embark on a yacht charter Marmaris holiday, chances are that you will spend your first night anchored in the harbor. It can get a bit noisy since all the restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs are located within the same grid. However an alternative to avoid this bustle is to cruise over to Cennet Island nearby where all you hear is the gentle clapping of the small waves against the boat.

Upon embarkation, you are presented with a warm welcomed by the crew.  It’s time to settle into your cabins, unpack, have something to drink, relax, get to know your gulet charter, go over your itinerary, enjoy a lovely dinner and feel free to stroll around the harbor to see what there is around.

Bikes on board gulet
Bikes on board gulet

There are many restaurants and cafes along the waterfront trying to lure you in for a dining experience “their style”. Pay no attention, unless it peaks your attention. Further over a street or two, you will find a wide selection of shops, meant for both local and tourist customers. The touristy ones will try to lure you in like the restaurants, but the local shops will keep to themselves. Usually local is the way to go. But if you are up for a bit of fun in bargaining, the touristic shops can be entertaining.

A few more streets in, and really you can’t miss it, is the famous Marmaris Bar Street. A single street with night clubs and shooter bars on both sides. Have a walk down, then turn back and walk again. Not all are suitable for everyone, however there are clubs that will be just what you are looking for, while other clubs or bars with live music and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Once you arrive, you will see that you have choices in what you can do before the following day and start of your private yacht charter in Turkey, from the ever so colorful little city of Marmaris.

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