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How Long Does it Take to Book a Boat Charter in Turkey

Chartering a boat in Turkey is a great way to explore its vast coastline. From the Eastern Mediterranean all the way to the Southern Aegean, travelers can find a plethora of unique treasures to discover with their family and friends. From islands big and small, bay and coves busy with boat traffic or peaceful and hidden, destination choices are in abundance. Once you have made up your mind to book a boat charter in Turkey, the process should not take more than 24 hours. However depending on the situation at the time of your decision making, the booking may take longer.

In some instances it can be hard to gather information and synchronize holiday times within the group. Therefore to have everyone arrange their time off from work or school, and arranging their part of the funds can extend the time frame in which it takes to actually book your boat charter in Turkey.

It is also possible that choosing the Turkish boat charter to suit everyone’s requirements can also be a factor. While families that will be traveling with children may consider that double bed cabins are acceptable, other families may think that two separate twin beds are more ideal for their comfort.

When searching for the right boat charter, all members of the group should consider their accommodation as not all boats will offer the style of cabins, the space, details, decor, facilities that everyone wishes to have.

Another piece of detail is the itinerary. There are various major harbors to embark from in Turkey; namely Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, and Antalya. From these ports, travelers can consider a variety of routes. Turkish boat charter holidays offer Turkey only, Greece only, as well as Turkey and Greece combined routes.

Activities is another part of your boat holidays which plays an important role. Choices include various water sports, paragliding, land excursions, or hybrid combinations such as hiking and gulet cruises or biking and boat holidays.

There is nothing more wonderful than having a barbeque on a boat. Food just seems to taste better when you’re at sea on a boat, anchored in a private cove, and surrounded by breathtaking natural surroundings and great company. The chef is probably one of the most important members of the crew. After a fulfilling day out at sea, in the water and on land, travelers can build up an hefty appetite.  Generally on Turkish boats, the menus consist of foods and various dishes from the Turkish kitchen. On the other hand, guests can also put together a preferences list to inform of the type of dishes and other foods they would like to have.

The process of booking a boat charter in Turkey can take up to weeks – when considering the various factors that are needed to be in place. However in general, once everyone has mutually agreed upon all the details of the boat, the itinerary, the price, the menus and drinks, the activities and anything other requirements; then it’s just a matter of signing the contract, sending the first payment in order to reserve the boat, and arriving to the harbor from the airport, to look forward to a fantastic boat holiday in turkey.

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