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Gulet Charter

Gulet Charter Greece Croatia Montenegro  – Boat tourism has seen high interest only in the last few years. There are approximately 500 – 1000 known gulets in Turkey. There are private gulet charter style boats also found both in Greece, Croatia, Montenegor, however the portfolio selection is few and prices are known to be a bit higher.

Generally the best deals can be obtained in Turkey as it is the origin of where private gulets (Turkish yachts) were first manufactured; namely in Bodrum. Later the manufacturing spread to seaside cities such as Bozburun, located on the Bozburun peninsula in the Marmaris region, Fethiye and Antalya in the Eastern Mediterranean of Turkey. Turkey offers the largest selection of gulet charter than any other country in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The blue cruise region includes Bodrum over east all the way to Kas, Kalkan and sometimes Demre in Antalya province.  Then south and back to the west into the lower and upper Dodecanese and Cyclades islands of Greece. Other areas included in Turkey are Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye.  In Croatia gulet tours it begins from Dubrovnik all the way to Zadar. Some gulet charter can also begin from Montenegro.

Chartering a gulet from Turkey – for Turkey and Greece is different in gulet charter terms than it is in Croatia. Please ask us about the different options.

Gulet Charter Greece

Gulet charter are quite unique, not only in vessel design, but also in overall concept. Many are considered quite traditional, custom to Turkey and referred to as classic gulets. However in the last couple of years, with the advancement in new wooden boat building technology, there are now gulets slightly more modern in design.

gulet charterBoat Standards

The gulets offer much for choice. They are always built custom to the owner’s requirements. Therefore it is rare that one gulet will be exactly the same as the next one, unlike bareboats and catamarans. There are no brand names in gulet charter. There are also no legal classifications on gulet charter. But there are 4 established classifications based on size, age, condition, quality and interior design and features that come with the boats. You will find Economic, Luxury, Deluxe and VIP or High Deluxe or Ultra Deluxe gulet classes used by many agents.

Cabin Types

Gulet cabin types are based on the class of gulet. It is also up to the owner of the boat in how they design or furnish the cabins. Most luxury gulets will offer that have either 1 or 2 master cabins (fore and aft).

There are single, double, triple, twin, child, master and VIP cabins available in all private gulets.  Some cabins are designed quite luxurious while others are simple yet comfortable.  However all cabins offer en suites with showers and WC.  The more luxury style gulet cabins have enclosed showers; while others have a jacuzzi present in cabin.


Entertainment can be found in premium standard cabins. This can include a plasma TV with satellite, DVD / CD players, iPOD docking. Other standard gulets will either not have a TV or just a basic small sized television.  

Charter gulets also include daily linen and towel changes.


The boat charter itineraries that you will see are designed with the most popular destinations in mind. Itineraries can be altered to suit your pleasure. It is best discussed with either us or the captain with whom you are cruising with as they know the regions very well.


The costs in renting a gulet for your Mediterranean blue cruise travels in Turkey or the Greek islands are based on the daily price of the gulet itself. The distance generally does not affect the price for common routes. The minimum rental period is a week. But sometimes special arrangements can be made where shorter rentals can be available. This depends on the time of year and the availability of gulets. Gulet charters start and end on Saturdays.

Food and Beverages are not included in the charter prices.

Gulet Cruise Turkey

Advantages of Hiring a Private Luxury Gulet

As the origin of Bodrum gulets; Turkey offers superb advantages in chartering from any one of the beautiful ports along the southern coast. You can choose a huge selection of gulets for charter from Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek and Fethiye.  Benefits in Turkish gulets and gulet cruises in Turkey are:

  • Excellent charter discounts throughout the year.
  • Great original prices.
  • Ideal gulet charter terms.
  • The largest selection of gulets in the world are found in Turkey.
  • Close proximity to the Greece islands such as the Dodecanese and Cyclades groups
  • The longest blue cruise route coastline is available.
  • The most gulet cruise Turkey itinerary combinations to choose from also!
  • You can charter a gulet in Turkey for a 2 months or longer without repeating the same route.

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