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Blue Cruise Menus : What Do They Really Include?

In Southern Turkey, gulet charters offer blue cruise menus which vary from one agent or gulet to the other. They are generally dishes from the Turkish kitchen, with a mixture of Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine.  Prices average about 25 – 35€ per person per day for the Standard Menu and 50 – 60€ per person per day for the Exclusive Menu.

However these gulet charter menu prices do not only include the meals and snacks, but also other items that are needed for your blue cruise travels on board the gulets. Supplies such as paper towels for the bathrooms, kitchen and cleaning supplies.  Sometimes the items purchased can exceed what is on the menus based on the information received from clients on the Client Preferences List. This is because not everyone may be able to consume the same foods. There are clients who require foods that are gluten free or are allergic to certain foods such as nuts.

Therefore, what clients are paying for are not just for their meals, but also for many other things that completes the list provisions for their group, required in order to have a comfortable journey at sea. Depending on the gulet and agent, sometimes drinks packages are offered.

This can be a cost around 70 – 90€ per person per week for unlimited drinks including water. Although there is unlimited coffee, tea and water during breakfast which is not a part of the soft drinks package and not considered an extra.

Another drinks package is the Soft Drinks & Local Alcohol. The cost for this is about 290 – 310€ per person per week.

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