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What does it mean to get an option on a yacht charter in Turkey?

During the time in which you are searching to find a charter yacht for your holidays, you may come across one that is just the one you were looking for. However since you are not the only person that may be boarding this beautiful yacht, you have to consult with the rest of your group – whether family or friends, and get their answer or opinion on your choice.

This is where you need the time from your yacht agent, to contact everyone and do this. Therefore you need to request an option on the Turkish yacht charter of your choice from the agent you have received the offer from. The agent in turn contacts either the yacht owner or the central agent of the boat charter in question.

Should your agent get back to you with a yes, then usually they will give you an option of up to 5 business days or a full week – and sometimes up to two weeks option, to confirm and make your booking real. Within this time a contract is signed and wire payment of the first payment is made.

Options are easily given during the early booking period. However starting in the month of May, generally these options do not extend longer than 3 to 5 days. In the high season, options are rarely offered or allowed for the yacht charters in Turkey, since it is then “last minute” season.

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