Is Blue Voyage Life Changing Experience

Traveling is an amazing factor in life for a human being. Especially if you travel abroad it means you are open to the new taste, new cultures, new sights. It is enhancing the way of your life. Usually, we can have a planned vacation for summertime. That is why the beginning of Spring is also […]

Bodrum to Istanbul Private Blue Cruise Holiday

Discover a Historical Turkish Blue Voyage Traveling to Turkey? Looking to visit some of the most incredible sites in the world?  Feast your thoughts on a rare itinerary that is not often presented to travelers dreaming of an impressive private blue cruise along the deep blue Aegean shores of Turkey to the Marmara Sea. This […]

Blue Cruise Memories

For those who choose to go on holidays, there is always a reason why. It could be that it’s planned to mix business with pleasure; an urgent need for a get-a-way from life’s built up stress – a rejuvenating period for the body and mind; a family reunion or other special occasion such as quality […]

All Inclusive Gulet Cruises Can Be Offered in a Few Variations

Did you know that when you are looking for all inclusive gulet cruises in Turkey, they can be offered in more than one way. Many might think that all the food and drinks are included. However these gulet charter holidays can be offered with only the food, where soft drinks and alcohol are extra. With […]

Blue Cruise Bar Hopping

Just when you thought it was all about natural scenery and turquoise waters, imagine a luxury blue cruise holiday where nightlife is the main concept. Leisurely spending the daytime lounging, relaxing, swimming and snorkeling while on your private yacht charter;  then when the sun goes down, it’s off to the most exciting nightlife destinations in […]

Leading Global Trends of Yacht Charter Holiday

Time goes very fast and every single year the world is getting smaller for all of us. There some very important details to remember and to know about the trends for the yacht charter holiday industry. Let’s have a close look to find out. Purposeful Travel Nowadays travelers want to see the world in a mindful […]

The Most Popular Blue Voyage Destinations in Turkey

There is an old Indian adage saying ‘’Only ocean knows how deep is the ocean’’. Maybe it is not as deep as the ocean but there are soo many options as blue voyage destinations in Turkey that can be competed with most of the other countries. And if the destination issue is still a mystery, […]

Want to Know More About Yachts & Gulets

Summer is our favorite, it is easy and fun. Summer is young and restless. Every year by the end of the summer season, it is the the right time for all gulets to start up for a makeover. How about when the luxury gulet charter season is over?  What all those people do? Do they keep […]

Gulet Cruises from the Jewel of the Carian Coast : Marmaris

A city bountiful in nature’s flare, Marmaris boasts lush green and everlasting backdrops of pine forests and eucalyptus trees. This lovely seaside city is set parallel along the beautiful Mediterranean shores and home to four world class marinas; and as such,  justifies the allurement to gulet cruise travelers alike. Marmaris offers a wide open harbor that […]

3 Great Reasons to Embark in Gocek on your Blue Cruise Holiday

The Turkish blue cruise coast offers 4 main ports to embark or disembark in and includes Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, and Fethiye.  Of this selection, Gocek is the most advantageous.  Here are 3 great reasons why. Transfer time from Dalaman International Airport to Gocek port is a mere 20 minutes. This saves time and highly convenient […]

Which is the Best Gulet Charter Turkey Holiday Itinerary?

The whole coast from the Eastern Mediterranean all the way to the Southern Aegean of Turkey offer one of the most idyllic sceneries found in this part of the globe. Each destination offers something special, unique places of interest, historic architecture, and entertainment and activities of many kinds.  One of the main reasons why travelers […]

Marmaris, Gulets, Boats and a May Morning

You can walk in the early morning when the promenade is empty and the sea smooth like a blanket. It gives a completely different impression than when you see Marmaris in the daytime.  We would suggest walking along the promenade to the next village called; Icmeler. It’s a 10 km walk from beginning to the […]

Most Visited Destination On Turkish Yacht Charters From Fethiye

Among the endless selection of destinations to explore on a luxury yacht charter Turkey holiday; should your curiosity guide you to embark from the Fethiye yacht charter region, one of the most visited destinations with its awe-inspiring scenery and calming waters is Oludeniz. If you have been to this part of the Turkish Mediterranean, you […]

Closest Turkish Harbor : Embarking from Gocek on a Gulet

If you’re pondering the thought of which harbour in Southern Turkey to embark from there are few choices to consider. The Dalaman airport serves the towns and cities of Marmaris, Fethiye and Gocek. The closest at only 20 minutes drive from the airport is Gocek.  Fethiye is about 40 minutes away while Marmaris is just […]

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