Steps to Hiring a Gullet for a Yacht Charter Turkey Vacation

Having decided to hire a gullet for your next yacht holidays at sea is a wonderful alternative and refreshing change to land based vacations. A yacht charter Turkey holiday offers more choices in places to see, things to do and much more. The gullet charter doesn’t necessarily have to be a high end boat rental in order to enjoy a great time visiting all these breathtaking blue cruise destinations.

The first thing you need to establish is how many will be in your group. This doesn’t always mean that a gulet boat will be offered based on your exact number, but it gives the agent a idea of the size of gullet that may be for you. For instance, if you are a group of 8, the norm is to offer 4 cabin gulets. However you may also be offered 5 or 6 cabin gullets as well, if the price is more your range.

The next is to cost how much you can allocate for your boat charter in Turkey. Gulets are rented on a weekly based, with minor exceptions for non peak months where boats can be available for 4 – 5 days instead of a week. They run from one Saturday to the next Saturday; hence gulet prices are based on weekly rentals. Keep in mind that you are a group, so if you decide to hire a gulet that is 5 cabins, which means up to 10  guests, but you are a group of 8, then the cost per person would be to divide the total weekly rental price into 8 and not 10. But of course if you are 10 people, then the 5 cabin gulet price would be divided into 10, unless you agree with your group otherwise in who pays how much.

Once you know how many there will be in your group, and then calculated your price range for the rental of the gulet, the next thing to think about is where you wish to embark and disembark from, unless it doesn’t make a difference and you simply wish to hire the gullet and go cruising.  However if you wish to embark  on a Bodrum yacht charter, for example, and end in Bodrum, your agent will offer gulets to you based on this requirement. The same applies to yacht charter Marmaris holidays. Otherwise, you may be offered gulets based only on the size of your group and budget.

The date is very important. Yacht charter agents will have to check on availability, along with the above criteria to present the boats that match the best to your criteria.

This is pretty much it for booking a gulet. The main points in offering Turkish boat charters are number of guests, budget, date of travel and itinerary. With the selection you receive, if all is going well so far, then you can easily make a booking.

Other points to consider are food and beverages. Sometimes travelers prefer to be quoted with food included, food and beverages included (without alcohol), and / or bring their own food and beverages on board. But the easiest is to simply choose a menu; namely Standard Chef’s or Exclusive and add that to the cost of your trip.

There are other costs to consider when booking outside of your flights and personal spending during your holidays. These are items such as alcoholic beverages, water sport activities in harbors, land excursions, Greek harbor fees if you are traveling from Turkey to Greek waters.  Usually airport transfers are included in the price of the gulet charters and all gulets are crewed boat charter in Turkey vacations.

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