Mediterranean Gulet Boat Holidays In The Gulf Of Fethiye

The gulf of Fethiye is a branch of the Mediterranean sea in Turkey. The major places of tourism located along the shores of this wonderful and picturesque gulf are Fethiye and the town of Gocek.  Both destinations are well recognized as one of the most popular vacation hot spots and historical sites in the world. The Dalaman International Airport is in such close proximity to Fethiye and Gocek, that many gulet cruise travels prefer to embark from either point for their Mediterranean boat charter vacations.

Mediterranean gulet boat holidays in the Gulf of Fethiye – Zephyria II

Once called Telmessos, Fethiye was occupied by the Lycian civilization.  This fantastic harbor city is tourism goldmine and receives high interest in the yacht charter industry.  Many of the unique Fethiye blue cruises begin the journey at this point that stretches all the way to the Eastern Mediterranean region of Antalya, or to the Aegean region, and further south to the Greek Islands.

Visit the amazingly beautiful Oludeniz – Blue Lagoon in Turkey on your lxuury gulet holidays

However in order to enjoy remarkable gulet boat holidays, travelers do not need to go out that far, as the Gulf of Fethiye alone, offers a stunning coastline, charming villages, islands galore, and plenty of other interesting sites and breathtaking scenery to explore.

Some of the many highlights in this region of the Lycian coast, for your boat holidays in Turkey include; Oludeniz or the Blue Lagoon, the village of Kayakoy a mere 10 minutes from Oludeniz – where you will find an old Greek settlement; the awe-inspiring beauty of Butterfly Valley -situated by Faralya village, and the peaceful surroundings of Gemiler beach – very ideal for swimming and snorkeling around the rocky coves of the bay.

Paragliding off Mt. Babadag in Fethiye Turkey

Mediterranean Gulet Boat Holidays

In addition to these timeless  places and impressive scenery, your Mediterranean luxury boat charter holidays can offer an array of activities to choose from. For adrenaline pumping sports, the Fethiye region provides excellent paragliding trips to view the area from amazing heights off Mt. Babadag – starting at an elevation of 1900 meters. Should you decide on paragliding, bringing a camera with you is a must.

Another focal point during your luxury boat charter travels is visiting the ever so delightful town of Gocek and the nearby Yassica Islands.  This too, is a dreamy region, that truly makes you feel the Mediterranean of Turkey.

Without doubt, your Mediterranean gulet boat holidays in the Gulf of Fethiye will leave you spellbinded by its beauty and might make you return for another remarkable journey of delights.

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