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What Makes Gulets So Different in Price?

All gulets are made from wood.  When looking at the various styles you will notice that there can be drastic price differences from one boat to the other – although they look very identical.  For the most part it is for obvious reasons. But just to clarify the reasoning behind the different prices – making the gulets different from each other, let’s take a look at the list below.

gulets in the harbor during sunrise
gulets in the harbor during sunrise

While two gulets identical to each other in style, size, and age; one can be higher priced than the other.  The reason for this could be based on

  • The crew. Hiring a local crew from the villages with long time experience, limited or no English, and formal training, to crews that have mastered certain service techniques, courses or other schooling, a good level of English or perhaps other languages, also with long time experience – will surely make a difference in costs – no matter the boat.
  • The materials used inside such as the wooden, workmanship, linens, tableware, and similar.
  • The number of water toys or the type of water toys. Obviously a gulet with a jet ski, ringo, water skis is going to be higher in cost than one that is the same boat but only offers amateur fishing tackle and snorkelling gear.
  • The upkeep/maintenance of a gulet is paramount. While some owners go through this process every year, others skip a year or two. This makes a big difference in the condition of the boat.  Also the annually maintained boat has higher costs more often spent to keep it in great shape, such as the wood itself and equipment.

One should always question why one product or boat is so cheap in price. What could be the reasons for this?  Paying a few extra thousand Euros for the week, is generally worth doing so rather than dealing with possible insufficiencies – big or small, that may ruin your dream blue cruise vacation.

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