Can you remember how did you get prepared for your previous vacation? How about planning and getting ready for all details? It was a week or two in all inclusive resort and fun. You had all you wish for and you enjoyed. How about feeling private and live real comfort. If you think this is the time then let us give you some more details and so you can figure out how is life onboard?

Do you like to join on luxury gulet charter vacation ?

Why gulet vacation is top notch selection? Why getting more popular every single day? As human being it is in our nature to wonder and crave for new things. That must be the main reason that gulet vacation is one of the great alternative to conquer our heart.

luxury gulet charter - Kaya Guneri 5 gulet

luxury gulet charter – Kaya Guneri 5 gulet

Comparing with all other types feeling and conditions are completely different with gulet charter holiday. Once you step on main deck you will have the feeling of being in totally different atmosphere. It is not just an emotional reasoning it is logic to feel relaxation at first moment. Gulets are artifact piece of artworks. Each gulet has their own story and none will be resemble each other.

Book your luxury gulet charter vacation for summer

Beside of all technical specs and structural characteristics, gulet crew is one of the main reason to have great experience on board. To have well trained and experienced crew can make huge different during your holiday. Good crew will know how to react and take action if needed. In Turkey gulet crew differs greatly than all other part of the world. Gulet captains are usually also the owner and this is another reason that they care about gulet and people who come there for vacation. Turkish gulet captains are endow with seaman skills naturally since they spend years onboard. They know what to do and where to go exactly. As long as you tell them what do you like they will be helping you with pleasure.

Dolce Mare Yacht

Dolce Mare Yacht

When you decided to have gulet cruise all you need to do is to contact with a professional yacht charter company. Rest will come like a hot knife through butter. All you need to do come onboard to enjoy and seize the moment. You can order your favorite cocktails while you relax and feel sweet meltemi winds. If you wish to have some fun why not to try jet ski, scuba diving, water ski or explore the historical pinpoints of land you name it. One of another great thing to be on a gulet is that your meal will be fit for a king. You will be treated with best experiences of Turkish cuisine delicatessen food cooked by your private chef onboard. They will shop for you the freshest ingredients at nearby local markets, fishermen villages that you stop by. Because only the best!

Next time when you make a plan for vacation, please keep in mind gulet holiday has no alternative unless if you want to have crowded beaches, feel restricted with same fixed itineraries, chain hotel open buffets.

That is why we call luxury gulet charter as top level vacation at comparable price. Mirya Yachting is just click away from you.

Luxury Gulets For Charter Turkey

Esma Sultan Gulet

Port: Marmaris, Cabins:7, Price: €3.500 / Day

Dolce Mare Gulet

Port: Marmaris, Cabins:6, Price:€4.000 / Day

Mare Nostrum

Cabins: 6, Price: €10.000 / Day

Kaptan Mehmet Buğra Gulet

Port: Marmaris, Cabins:8, Price: €3.000 / Day

Silver Moon Gulet

Port: Marmaris, Cabins:8, Price:€3.5000 / Day

Kaptan Kadir Gulet

Cabins: 8, Price: €3.500 / Day

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