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Turkey, which has been one of the most popular destinations for health tourism in recent years, continues to provide a diverse variety of tourism services to its visitors. Incoming visitors not only get the health care they seek, but they also get to enjoy the country’s attractions, such as the blue cruise.

Let’s look at the importance and role of health tourism in Turkey, as well as how it relates to the blue cruise.

Health tourism in Turkey

Turkey is a country surrounded on three sides by water. The Mediterranean Sea is to the south, the Aegean Sea to the west, the Black Sea to the north, and the Marmara Sea to the northwest, all of which are inside Turkish territorial waters and include the Bosphorus.

health vacation in Istanbul, Turkey
Turkey, officially the Republic of Turkey, is a European and Asian country bordered on the northwest by Bulgaria, the west by Greece, the east by Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran, the northeast by Georgia. The climate in Turkey varies by place, although there are four distinct seasons to be found. Throughout the nation, the climate is moderate.

The climate is moderate and wet in the Black Sea area, Mediterranean in the south and Aegean in the east, and continental in the interior, east, and southeast. Tourism is one of Turkey’s most important sources of revenue, as the country is a global neighbor and has historically served as a crossroads for large migration and commerce routes. Turkey, whose Mediterranean and Aegean areas are primarily tourist destinations, has seen a significant increase in health tourism in recent years as a result of its geographic location and temperature.

health tourism in Turkey
The demand for thermal tourism is larger in Northern Europe and Scandinavia, where rheumatic disorders are prevalent owing to climatic differences. In terms of medical tourism, spa & wellness and spa tourism, geriatric and sports tourism, our nation, which has relative advantages in terms of weather, pricing, safety, and transportation, is in an extremely favourable position, and has the credentials to appeal to all sectors.

Furthermore, Turkey is in a position to be an important health and thermal tourist destination country among the Middle East countries due to its geographical proximity, natural and climatic circumstances that are not present in other countries, and cultural similarities. Due to recent visa exemptions, border conveniences, and other political and cultural links with Middle Eastern nations, significant increases in travel from these regions have been documented. Due to high health-care costs in industrialized nations, there is a growing trend to supply health-care services from lower-cost countries in order to cut patient treatment costs.

Following Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, certain private insurance companies in Germany and the Netherlands have agreed to pay the costs of sending their patients to Turkey for thermal treatments, resulting in a significant market share for our nation in terms of thermal tourism. These visitors who come for health tourism also explore other tourism sites in our nation and take advantage of the opportunity provided by our pleasant environment by getting to know the country. Take, for example, the Turkey blue cruise.

Starting in the Aegean or Mediterranean areas, it provides peace of mind by allowing you to have an isolated holiday with a small group of people for example single family or group of friends on the islands of Turkey or adjacent Greece, as well as improving your mental health by avoiding stress. Blue cruise gulet vacations, which have been increasingly popular in our nation in recent years, also attract individuals who visit our country for health tourism.

health blue cruise tours in Bodrum, Turkey
There are many options in the blue cruise; not only can it be organized according to each guest’s wishes, but you can make this journey you come for health, mental health support while exploring and finding peace in the most beautiful bays of Turkey during the tour, with the comfort of the interior design of the boat and the service provided by the cabin staff.

Culinary delights in our nation cover a wide range of topics and foster a variety of gastronomic ideals. Passengers will be happy with the experiences and presentations of successful chefs throughout their blue cruise vacation, as long as they are in line with the preferences of the guests.

Mirya Yachting is delighted to welcome all of our guests and to provide you with a wide range of charter kinds and concept tours by tailoring programs to our guests’ specific demands. Our sole purpose is to share these wonderful opportunities of this wonderful nation with you, our guests and to provide you with an amazing vacation experience.

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