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Family Bike Holidays, Boat Charters And The Carian Coast From Marmaris

Family holidays are well spent when you combine a fantastic bike trip and boat charter in Turkey. Other than the Lycian coast near Antalya; a wonderful alternative and one of the best biking trails found are along the Carian coast from Marmaris. Marmaris and its surrounding villages present full backdrops of bordering lush green pine and eucalyptus hilltops.  It is amazing how much the Marmaris region offers plenty of breathtaking scenery and nature paths, ideal for biking – as well as hiking.

Whether you are traveling for a family Spring break holiday or for the summer or fall; these types of hybrid holidays are suitable for just about all seasons. It is best enjoyed when there is not too much heat as it is during the month of August. Not only that, it is more economical to engage in a family boat and bike vacations in the months of April, May, June; possible July; September and October. Occasionally travelers will embark in November as well – as the sea is still warm for some to go swimming. However, there is no set rule to say that you have to swim when participating in a bike and boat holiday.

You could enjoy the scenery, visit historical places and tour ancient cities with the architectural remains left from previous civilizations. On top of these pleasures, you can certainly get a good dosage of oxygen in the great outdoors!  It’s a holiday meant for great fun, some adventure, exploration, and relaxation. What better way to spend that quality time with your family. There is definitely plenty of material during your sea and land excursions to take photos and videos to keep as wonderful memories during your time in Turkey’s amazing Southern coast.

The gulet itineraries have been synchronized with professionally planned cycling itineraries where you have the choice of either 2 days of cycling or 3 days of cycling in the region. There are 3 itineraries to choose from. One begins in Bodrum, while the other two itineraries start in Marmaris. Why not take in the wonderful views during your one-week cycling and gulet cruise in Turkey and have a fantastic, fun-filled hybrid holiday!

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