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There are many classes of gulets. These classifications vary according to the size, number of cabins and equipment of the cabins. We recommend you to read our article for the full definition of luxury gulet.

A gulet is a beautifully handcrafted Turkish vessel. You cannot compare a gulet with any other type of boat/yacht and besides that, it brings this irresistible lifestyle with it, it’s a lifestyle that you have dreamt of your whole life, without knowing what it was like! Some people have never heard of a gulet and others cannot stay away from this lovely authentic yacht.

It has a very distinguished smell, which brings you straight back to a completely different episode of this life. It gives you the feeling of being a modern pirate, not of the Caribbean, but of the Mediterranean!

We have gulets in all different categories. From basic, still comfortable, till ultra luxe. As usual, the higher the price the better the quality. Your itinerary will always remain the same, no matter what kind of quality you choose, but when the price increases, service, and standards will increase as well.

For example, a basic gulet might have a crew that doesn’t speak a word of English, they still provide good service, but communication is a different thing.If you had hoped that there would be some awesome gadgets on your gulet, then I have to disappoint you, gadgets like this you won’t find on a basic gulet. You only get as much as you paid for.

Luxury is different…you get air conditioning, en-suite cabins, culinary meals, fishing gear, snorkeling equipment, a clean gulet and a crew that speaks a decent word of English. An Ultra luxe gulet is another piece of cake! Do you want more information about it? Please let us know and we will give you a call so we can talk about it and we will provide you all the information that you want to know.

If you’re in search of a charter yacht Turkey, most likely you’re looking for a boat called a gulet that you have heard about somewhere and curious to try it out for your next vacation, or been on one before. As some may or may not know, there are 5 classes of gulet boats. How they came to be classified this way has just happened over time with local agents.

In the Western world when we refer to any holiday or vessel as luxury, most times it will actually be ‘luxury’ – high quality – high class – VIP or whatever word you wish to use for good quality. Gulets are not like that. The term ‘luxury’ in gulets is completely a different standard and definition. Quite often, travelers unfamiliar with Turkish gulets will not know this until they actually book a ‘luxury’ gulet charter and then later be disappointed because they had higher expectations than what they thought was ‘luxury’.

So let’s clear this up a bit. Firstly, as I mentioned above, there are 5 classes or standards of Turkish gulet charters. The lowest quality and standards to the highest are as follows:

  1. Economic/Standard
  2. Luxury
  3. Deluxe
  4. Ultra or High Deluxe
  5. VIP


While the destinations do not make a difference in the trip, as the places are always the same most times, the variation of boats do. As you can see the class ‘luxury’ falls right after Economic/Standard and just before Deluxe. Now that this part is clear, let’s explain what you get in a luxury gulet charter. For one, there is air conditioning and an en suit in each cabin. Luxury gulets tend to be older built models. There aren’t many in the marketplace that are brand new, and if there are, usually the gulet is smaller than the most common 6 and 8 cabin Turkish boats.

luxury gulet cabin example

luxury gulet cabin example

Price and Crew

What else is there about luxury gulets? The price. It is true, you do get what you pay for most times. If you charter a low-end standard or luxury class gulet with a capacity for 12 or more, for say 3,500 – 6,000 Euros for the week (particularly during mid and high season) – don’t expect much. Don’t expect any standard English and don’t expect the boat to be in good working order and clean or well kept standards. Most of all, don’t expect first class service. A boat can only provide as much as it gets paid and can afford. For instance, hiring a crew to serve on the boat, can only be as professional or knowledgeable as much as the boat can afford to pay from the charter earnings. Make sense?

Luxury Gulet Private Charters

Going back to luxury gulets. Air conditioning, en suites, nice Turkish dishes, maybe a kayak, amateur fishing gear, snorkeling masks, clean boat, and little knowledge of English by the crew – who in most cases are very local – from small villages or towns – can be expected.

Don’t get me wrong. With these standards, you can certainly still enjoy a fantastic vacation on board. Afterall a holiday is most times what you make of it.  The destinations are breathtaking, the luxury gulet is fully equipped to serve and take you to these lovely places, and you have the right easy going, not uptight, and relaxed attitude with your guests to make the best of the  best boat charter holiday ever in the Mediterranean. Part of what makes a holiday so great is you and your guests. You’re on holidays, chill and enjoy it!

Now, is the term ‘luxury gulet’ a bit clearer and something you did not expect to find out? Have you had an experience on a luxury class gulet before?

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