Discover the Seaside Villages in the Gulf of Hisaronu & Symi

When you think about all the many destinations that are available to visit during your gulet cruises in Turkey, there are just as many if not more destinations that aren’t even listed in the standard itineraries offered.  Let’s take for instance the Marmaris region. From this harbor you can either take your cruise in Turkey to the Eastern Mediterranean, all the way to Antalya. With this direction, most private gulet charters will only go as far Kekova, Kas, Kalkan and Demre. Should you decide to head west, further into the Aegean, there are many combinations to design an itinerary to your liking, taking you all the way to Bodrum. There are also many more for destinations in the Greek Islands. The choices are nearly endless.

Gulet cruises and Marmaris harbor

Now if you prefer not to venture out too far, but still enjoy the beauties of natural and peaceful surrounding, the Marmaris region offers excellent, yet more secluded yacht charter destinations to visit. A lovely cruise to the nearby island of Symi may also offer a pleasant addition to your route.

When you visit of villages that line the Gulf of Hisaronu, you will see that many of these places are non-commercial, serene, virgin and simply blissful regions to take in some rest and relaxation.

Hisaronu Bay at sunset during your blue cruise journey from Marmaris Turkey

After a night in the harbor on your day of arrival, embarking from Marmaris on your first full day after breakfast could take you to the lively little resort of Icmeler. Should you decide that you prefer to move forward to a lesser populated place, another popular little seasonal town is Turunc, known to have one of the cleanest bays in the area.  Nearby Turunc town is the wide open, very low inhabited village of Kumlubuk. Although there is a lesser  population and a single seaside restaurant, many daily boat tours from Marmaris, drop anchor here. Here you will find a good assortment of water sports activities available in this bay. From water skiing to jet skiing and banana and ringos rides, it’s a great place to have some fun in the water.

Serce Port

The next stop may lead to you visit Serce Port, located along the shores of the small village of Taslica. It is a well protected little port where yachtsmen and blue cruise travelers prefer to spend the night as it is quite peaceful and offers some pleasant hiking terrain. There is only one local restaurant without a set menu which operates during the season. A variety of Turkish dishes and fresh fishes menus are made to order, as per the customer.

View from Sogut village hilltops during a gulet charter holiday
View from Sogut village hilltops during a gulet charter holiday

The following day is ideal to visit a few more villages after Serce Port.  Neighboring is the village of Sogut. It offers the largest in land mass, but with the lowest population of all the villages along this route. In Sogut village, you can find a few very lovely restaurants on the beach specializing in superb seafood dishes. Fresh meat and poultry dishes can also be enjoyed. Panoramic views of the Greek Islands are possible.  The hilltops are barren and untouched in the village of Sogut. There are only a few privately owned village houses seen, along with some along the shoreline. Actually a breakfast here would be quiet pleasant as well.

Views from Bozburun Turkey

The same day allows time to visit the town of Bozburun. It was once a small fishing village, but today has its own municipality and the only place before Bodrum, famous for the construction of Turkish gulets. There are a variety of waterfront restaurants, has a mild population even during the summer, and offers beautiful scenery and nearby little coves.  You can either enjoy shopping, dining, maybe a light cocktail and appetizers or lunch, a stroll about, to later drop anchor elsewhere more serene and private.

A favorite place of anchorage – Selimiye village in Marmaris Turkey – Village center

The next village in line along this coastline is Selimiye. This particular village is most well known by local Turkish travelers from the larger cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. There are an assortment of superb fish restaurants that are recognized by name. Yacht owners can dock at some of the restaurant piers and enjoy a fine dinner. Selimiye village doesn’t have a popular beach however it is a great place for a change of scenery and excellent dining experience and local shopping.

Knidos, Datca Peninsula, Turkey

In addition to the other villages of Orhaniye and Hisaronu (world renown for windsurfing competitions) – a highlight destination along this route is the town of Datca.  Even more so; the ancient city of Knidos. Certainly a must-see when you are in Southern Turkey.

Visit Palamutbuku in the Datca peninsula during your blue cruise gulet holidays
Visit Palamutbuku in the Datca peninsula during your blue cruise gulet holidays

Alternatively if there is time, prior to reaching Datca, anchorage in the villages of Palamutbuku and Mesudiye may offer you some quality time in the wide the bays with its crystal clear waters. The waters are quite pleasant and the region rather peaceful and breathtaking.

Charmng island of Symi, Greece

As either a final destination or the one before, on your return to Marmaris; you can easily take your cruise in Turkey to the splendid island of Symi with its pastel Greek houses that greet you when you enter the harbor. Another great dining experience, local shopping and stroll about the town is ideal. If you have enough time during your one week blue cruise holiday, you could also stop in Rhodes. The two most popular things to do here is go shopping in the Old Town and a tour of the castle and enjoy the nightlife and dining. Rhodes island is a mere 1 hour gulet cruise from Marmaris.

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