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What Makes Turkish Gulets So Alluring for Yacht Charters in Turkey?

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey is one of the most popular holidays destinations in Europe each year. Southern Turkey offers 300 days of sunshine and a fabulous atmosphere with its diversity in culture and history. As families and traveler groups are looking for alternative ways to enjoy the pleasantry in holidays abroad, yacht charters in […]

3 Easy Steps for a Fantastic Bike and Blue Cruise Holiday in Turkey

What better way to a holiday than in the great outdoors. Plenty of vitamin E, fresh air, light exercise, refreshing turquoise waters, a slight tropical breeze, no crowds, no traffic, coupled with some peace and quiet, and amazing scenery; really makes for an exciting time away from home. What’s even better is when you can […]

Little Bays Blue Coasts and Gokova Boat Charter Holidays in Turkey

Winter has arrived, the establishments along the summer routes have closed down for the season, while the longing has increased and the countdown for the 2013 boat charter season has begun. For travelers who didn’t have the chance to explore our seas, or those who didn’t explore enough, comes another opportunity to take for discovery […]

Boat Charter Mediterranean Border : The Perfect Shelter Dirsek Buku

Situated on the boat charter Mediterranean border is the Gulf of Hisaronu. Travelers sailing from the Bodrum region of the Aegean or the Antalya or Fethiye regions of the Mediterranean can explore this magnificent area situated on the border where the Mediterranean sea meets the Aegean. Based on recent travels this year (2012), the blue […]

Turquoise Bays & Mediterranean Patterns of Turkish Yacht Charter

Turkey is a remarkable place with a unique coastline of special patterns that begin in the Mediterranean and stretches to exceptional turquoise bays and wide open harbors for travelers to enjoy. These timeless characteristics are genuinely appreciated during the 300 days of sunshine and fantastic climate conditions throughout the year. What’s more, these delights are […]

Blue Cruise Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean or Aegean or Both

With another great season ahead for blue cruise yacht charters it might be difficult to make up your mind on whether to just cruise the Mediterranean, the Aegean or both. All regions hold special yacht charter destinations that offer a great deal of opportunities for splendid sailing charter holidays with your family and friends. However […]

VIP Sailing Yacht Charters in the Spotlight from Turkey

There are a wide assortments of first class sailing yacht cruises that set sail out to the great seas of the Mediterranean and Aegean of Turkey and the Greek Islands throughout the year. Each possess unique features and luxurious features to suit even most particular traveler.  Among these remarkable sailing yacht charters, a few of […]

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